Customer Voices: The Speed of Signiant — Fast File Transfer Saves Valuable Time

Speed. It is the elephant in the room, the alpha and omega of file transfer capabilities for media and entertainment companies. Speed is foundational, fundamental, and ultimately cost-effective. It can be the difference between success and failure, profit and loss. The reasons are simple and obvious. Faster transfer speeds save valuable time. Fast file transfers contribute to meeting tight project timelines. This allows editors, graphic designers, sound engineers, and VFX artists more time to collaborate and better practice their craft by ensuring access to the latest files without delay. Meeting distribution deadlines and ensuring that content reaches audiences in a timely manner is a critical business imperative.

Finding ways to save valuable time is something all media and entertainment companies pursue, some more fanatically than others. Speed is the main ingredient.

Andrew Marescotto, Director of IT and Program Management, Blue Ant Media: The biggest thing is the acceleration. We need to push quickly to get to the customers as quickly as possible without any delay. That’s where it’s really important for us to deliver on time, deliver quickly, and to deliver with ease.  That’s one thing that’s great about (Media Shuttle). 

Stan Cassio, President, Mango/NewEdit: If it doesn’t get to LA or to editorial, no one gets to work. Signiant is definitely the tool that we use, once all that process is complete, to push all that data that a lot of times is the most crucial part. It’s like an electronic Federal Express. Package it, FedEx it, receive it, confirm it, we’re done.

Dan Shott, Director of Post Technologies, Bunim Murray Productions: We like to have the footage onsite 24 hours after it’s done shooting. Regardless of where it’s shot, if it’s shot today, you’ll get to it tomorrow at the earliest. Speeding up transfers from the field to here is what’s getting that contract signed every year. 

Ben Manges, Fmr. Senior Director of Corporate Communications and New Media, Detroit Lions: More than anything, we appreciate that Media Shuttle is not only easy but it’s also super-fast. With the NFL, things are constantly moving and the fact that we are able to make this content available quickly without much effort makes everything that much easier.  

Ariel Gordon, Founder/CEO, Cinema Máquina: Even though there was a ton of footage being sent, it never took more than a few hours for us to receive everything so that we could get right to work.  

Liam Ford, Fmr. Senior Vice President of Post Engineering, Sim: Our need was for a simple, fast facility-to-facility transfer mechanism between various sites. (Signiant) Jet targets that exact need.  

Nathan Ross, Founder/CEO, Blackwater Digital Services: We also receive and deliver a lot of very large feature-length 4K ProRes files, about 800 Gigabytes each. Media Shuttle not only allows us to deliver over the Internet, it’s incredibly fast, especially for an asset that large.

Luis Albritton, Fmr. Chief Engineer, Definition 6: The speed with which we can get data into this environment and have editors ready to edit — it’s invaluable. 

At its core, the Signiant Platform ensures fast, secure movement of large data sets over any IP network, in any hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment, with comprehensive control and visibility at any scale. Learn more about Signiant’s commitment to fast file transfer. 

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