Exciting Q4 Updates: New Features, Industry Events, and More

Platform Updates 

Media Engine has some new exciting features coming in Q4! On-Demand Play feature allows users to play a variety of media formats without having to pre-generate and store proxies — allowing for more diligent reviews before pulling down a heavy asset. Clipping (also coming Q4) allows users to mark in and out points to select a portion of a media asset. Saving time and egress costs, this ability is generally known as partial file restore in the industry. Learn more 

Enhanced Metadata Forms make it easier than ever to customize what information is submitted to the Signiant Platform. There’s nothing to host or set-up, simply configure the fields you want to capture in a JSON schema, test the forms within the Signiant console, and assign to any SUBMIT portal. 

DigitalFilm Tree utilizes the Signiant Platform to bring shows like “Ted Lasso,” “The Umbrella Academy,” and “Manifest” to life. “We’ve been able to roll [Signiant portals] out in new ways and integrate them with our existing pipelines and tailor them to individual clients,” CTO Scott Bradbury concurred. “We’ve found huge efficiencies that let our personnel focus on creative and more pressing technical issues than routine busywork.”Read the full story & watch the video.

Water Cooler Topics 

What the FTP are you thinking by still using FTP?! Let’s be real, FTP is a liability to M&E businesses where smart, modern tools are expected by your teams and your clients. Here are 5 reasons to share with your company why you should ditch FTP for good, ASAP! 

Upcoming Events 

Signiant is proud to support the SMPTE Media Technology Summit once again! Join the greatest minds to learn about new opportunities and challenges facing in the film tech industry. Don’t forget to drop by the SMPTE Color Bar & Lounge for a libation on us to celebrate SMPTE Color Bars 45th birthday! Cheers

In Case You Missed It 

Recurring cloud-to-cloud content exchange, both within and between companies, is one of the fastest growing areas of demand on the Signiant Platform. Cloud networks readily support these cloud-to-cloud workflows, so speed typically isn’t a primary challenge. Nonetheless, the industry turns to the Signiant Platform for these mission-critical operations. Jet is the ideal place to setup and manage secure cloud-to-cloud content exchanges in a user-friendly and secure manner without having to share sensitive information. 

Join Signiant in welcoming three new members to the field sales team! David Collet, Director of Strategic Sales in EMEA, Avi Gonshor, Client Partner, and Douglas Holt, Director of Strategic Accounts.  

Signiant teamed up with the DPP to dive deeper into hybrid working in the media industry️. Remote collaboration within production and post teams gives employees and companies greater flexibility — but do we have the technology, processes, and culture in place to support hybrid working? Watch the discussion between Signiant’s Taylor Riese, Laura Butcher from MSV Post, and Whit Jackson from Wasabi Technologies. 

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