Fox Sports’ U.S. Open Coverage Uses Drones and Signiant Fast File Transfer

A drone hovering in a blue sky.

Fox débuted its first coverage of the U.S. Open last weekend. And while they’ve received some mixed reviews, no one is arguing about their innovative approach to showcasing the full experience of professional golf, from drones to capture the course’s expansive scenes to hole mics to record the player’s most tense moments.

On Friday, Sports Video Group published an in-depth article on the technology behind Fox’s U.S. Open coverage, including an interview with Brad Cheney, Fox Sports Director of Technical Operations.

Cheney pointed out the seamless transition of coverage for last Thursday from FS1 to Fox Sports as a key moment that coincided with a two fold increase in viewers over last year. “At the end of the day Wednesday we did our rehearsal and you have the sense that we’re going to do this and we’re going to do it well,” said Cheney. “And I honestly could not have asked for a better group of vendors and staff to work with.”

Chambers Bay Golf Course

Signiant is proud to be among those vendors, helping Fox with fast large file transfers to Los Angeles and a post house in Connecticut. Check out the full article to read about the team of more than 500 technical crew and 100 production staff, and the extensive preparations they made for Chambers Bay Golf Course including laying 61 miles of fiber cable and a three-trailer production unit, Game Creek Video’s Encore.

It’s a fascinating story. Thanks to Fox Sports for allowing us to be part of it!



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