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Keeping Designers, Developers and Platforms Connected — From Game Design to Gold Master

Building great games requires great collaboration. Game designers, developers, graphic artists and other specialists must be able to share files easily — especially from remote locations, between global partners and different kinds of storage.

Whether it’s sending game builds to testers, enabling remote artists to access graphics packages, or exchanging project files with partners — anywhere your massive, high-value assets need to flow — the Signiant Platform and the cloud offers great efficiency to game developers of all sizes.

Transferring game builds typically requires sharing huge files across multiple sites that can be literally anywhere. The complexity increases exponentially when adding the various platform conversions required — Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC and mobile, etc. —  and undergoing rigorous testing and quality assurance processes, marketing efforts and distribution tasks. The sheer number of partners, endpoints, assets, and asset sizes necessitates a greater need for a file transfer solution that simplifies the process.

The Signiant Platform’s Cloud Advantage

What exactly are the cloud synergies created with the Signiant Platform? First, the Signiant Platform is cloud-native. Its control plane runs entirely in the cloud and is designed to be autoscaling, multi-tenent and is built with resilience across regions. The platform connects to any type of storage, on-prem or in the cloud, and supports the three major cloud providers — AWS, Azure and Google Cloud along with many other innovators like Wasabi. Wherever assets are stored, the Signiant Platform makes it easy to connect all your necessary constituents, including employees, partners, platform providers, distributors, marketing agencies, etc. Signiant’s design attributes emphasize security, reliability and performance, making any of your storage transparent and easy to access. End-user experiences are identical when using on-premises or cloud storage.

Unique Benefits of Signiant

The Signiant Platform delivers unique attributes no matter what technology it is paired with, whether on-prem or in the cloud and/or among the varying cloud platforms.

Speed: Enjoy acceleration and multi-Gbps transfer rates into, out of, and between cloud storage endpoints — even in the presence of latency and congestion.

Reliability: Files are delivered unaltered, with byte-for-byte accuracy. Checkpoint Restart ensures interrupted transfers automatically restart from the point of failure.

Security: Highly secure by design. Trusted by most of the world’s top media enterprises to move their valuable content around the globe.

Control & Visibility: Control and see who has accessed any file and when. Keep all necessary constituents informed.

Simplicity: The Signiant Platform provides a simple UI for centralized administration access and easy onboarding.

Cloud-Native Implementation: No need to procure or manage any cloud infrastructure. Our SRE team monitors the system 24/7.

Leading game designers, developers and hardware platform makers rely on Signiant to keep their game engines reliably running at optimum speed and efficiency. In the last two years alone, Signiant has seen a 131% increase in cloud usage by gaming companies.

“Without Signiant, we wouldn’t be able to collaborate between our studios, which is an essential part of the global game development work we do at Ubisoft.”

 Li Xiao Song, Ubisoft’s Service Manager

Using Signiant relegates the task of accessing and transferring your files — regardless of number or size — to the point where it feels effortless and out of the way. By simplifying cloud transfer operations that are complex, time-consuming and frequently frustrating, the Signiant Platform frees up your people and partners across the supply chain to do what they do best — build games better.

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