How Snippies’s video journalists around the world transfer big files

The Snippies Share Portal login screen over New York Center, including the Empire State Building.

Tom DiCerbo writes about Media Shuttle and big file transfer on TV Technology

We are always thrilled to hear how much Media Shuttle helps our customers solve critical technical challenges. Tom DiCerbo, Managing Partner at Snippies, published an article in TV Technology last week, capturing both the chaos of life before Media Shuttle and their experience using it.

Snippies using ShuttleIn many ways, Snippies is the perfect use case for Media Shuttle. One of their biggest competitive advantages is their global networkof video journalists. Snippies has people in every major city in the world ready to capture footage, whether it’s for a Google event on the future of code, an AWS case study or a customer profile video for The Guardian.

However, all of the editing and post-production is done in their New York City headquarters (pictured right), which means all of that raw footage needs to arrive quickly and uncompressed. With over 300 clients, moving such large files so often with standard methods wasn’t sustainable.

DiCerbo mentions several reasons Snippies decided to go with Shuttle: “Media Shuttle’s SaaS architecture and pay-per-use pricing model allowed us to try it out without having to risk a ton of upfront investment buying software outright and managing it on our servers, as other solutions required. Also, Media Shuttle automatically scales to our usage and doesn’t have any data caps or file size limits.” He also points to Shuttle’s reliability and simple user interface, something that was vital for their less-technical clients and staff.

“Three months in, we are very happy with Media Shuttle and see the difference reliable electronic large file transfers make to our business and our stress level,” writes DiCerbo.

“As a global video production company that relied solely on FedEx and FTP, it’s clear this is a type of technology our industry will soon be unable to do without.”

Well, we hope so and wanted to thank Snippies for speaking so graciously about our service. We look forward to seeing your continued success!


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