Insights & Initiatives: February News Bulletin

Media Engine in Adobe Panels is going to be generally available in February! Access Media Engine directly in Premiere Pro find files fast and begin editing them, saving valuable time with less steps. 

In Jet — file filtering allows the ability to include/exclude lists for files and folders on a per job basis, allowing administrators to choose specific content to move/not move.  

“The good news is that because a lot of people in our industry know and use Signiant, it’s very easy for us to set up a vendor with a Media Shuttle account. It’s not very complex. We send them an email, they set it up, we transmit, they download.”   

When Mango/NewEdit combined in 2013, they had multiple offices and were constantly on set. This caused distance, latency, and speed challenges that could only be solved by the industry standard — Signiant. Read more 

Hard drives are still an active transport method in production, but there are great advantages to replace physical transport drives with an internet-based alternative: speed, reliability, security, control, visibility and improved client experience. 

If you’re still using physical media, like hard drives, it’s time to look at the cost savings, security, reliability, and ease of accelerated file transfer tools like Signiant. Learn More 

Signiant is excited to sponsor the third annual Digital Entertainment Group EnTech Fest! Join industry peers from studios, streamers, media suppliers, and more to learn about emerging technologies for creation, promotion, monetization, distribution and the enjoyment of entertaining content. You don’t want to miss this. 

The HPA Tech Retreat is back for another year of focused, authentic discussions with industry leaders in engineering, technology, creativity, and more. This premiere event sparks conversation between experts that happens nowhere else.  

Visit Signiant at the HPA Innovation Zone to see what’s new on the Signiant Platform. 

Blue Ant Media is a rapidly growing content creator and media distributor that faced challenges transferring their large files to remote teams while utilizing diverse storage endpoints. Traditional methods like FTP became impractical as they transitioned to distributing 4K.   

To address this, Blue Ant adopted the Signiant Platform, allowing them to streamline its global content flow, support various storage solutions, ensure timely deliveries, and ultimately contribute to their ongoing success and growth. Find out more 

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