Introducing Manager+Agents v14.0

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Manager+Agents is known in the Media & Entertainment industry as the gold standard for scheduled, lights-out automated system-to-system file movement between geographically distributed locations. This week, Signiant has released version 14.0, which addresses key areas of Manager+Agents, such as the ability to work on files while they’re still growing, performance improvements, and important security fixes. If you’re on an older version, it’s important to plan an upgrade in order to take advantage of the latest features and security enhancements.

Growing File Enhancements

With this release, Manager+Agents has enhanced its growing files capabilities. Driven by demand to improve support for remote productions, this new release expands our ability to allow actions on files while they are still being written to the destination. For example, this would enable remote editors to pull clips from a growing file and begin working on those clips almost immediately as the action is happening.

Initial support for growing files in Manager+Agents was launched in 2016 and has continued to evolve. The initial support was focused on the source side of a transfer allowing on-site teams to begin transferring content as soon they begin capturing footage (vs waiting until an event was complete to begin the transfer). The source and destination capabilities can work together so you can begin transferring a growing file from the source while editors are pulling clips from the growing file at the destination.

Improved Scaling and Reliability 

Enhancements that improve the responsiveness of the Manager (including the REST API), and the number of jobs that can run concurrently. Job templates will be cached, and application configurations (e.g. PostGres) will be auto-tuned by default in order to improve overall system performance. 

Security Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Signiant is committed to applying security patches and fixing critical bugs; it is important to upgrade to version 14.0 in order to keep your environment safe from vulnerabilities. Read the release notes for a list of all the fixes in v14.0. 

Support Announcements and Deprecations

  • With the release of Manager+Agents v14.0, we are announcing the end of life (EOL) for Managers+Agents 12.x. Customers currently running version 12.x are encouraged to review the EOL announcement and plan an upgrade.
  • Manager+Agents deployments using Transfer API with Object Storage should NOT upgrade at this time. 
  • This version does not support Legacy Templates, if you have workflows using Legacy Templates, please contact us for help upgrading.

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