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Introducing ‘Metadata Everywhere,’ a New Content Series by Signiant

Feb 01, 2021 By Michael Darer

Signiant is well-known for its ability to move large files fast. What may be less familiar is Signiant’s involvement with metadata. To deliver on the ‘intelligence’ in our intelligent file transfer software, we generate, extract, manage, and take actions based on all sorts of metadata. In fact, the role we play in the modern media technology stack is increasingly weighted in this direction. 

In today’s complex hybrid cloud, multi-cloud world, media assets are anywhere and everywhere ⎯ and so is the associated metadata. In this new series, Metadata Everywhere, Signiant covers how our innovative Software-Defined Content Exchange (SDCX) architecture facilitates interactions with metadata across disparate and distributed storage environments, along with very specific ways the platform adds value beyond fast file movement.

What makes Signiant’s file transfer software so intelligent?  

These 10 ways that Signiant’s SDCX SaaS platform works with metadata: 

  • Chain of Custody
  • Pre-transfer Asset Compliance
  • Metadata-intensive Standards like IMF
  • Custom Metadata Input 
  • Transport Optimization
  • Inter-company Content Exchange
  • Movement of Metadata Files
  • Industry-wide Anonymized Data
  • Next-generation Metadata-directed Workflows
  • Federated View of Distributed Media Assets

In each case, the metadata interactions we enable ⎯ combined with Signiant’s core transport optimization ⎯ help make our customers’ media supply chains more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable. As the industry continues to employ disparate, distributed storage repositories for content, Signiant’s SaaS platform serves as an abstraction layer, providing a framework of information about the media assets in addition to a fast, seamless means of accessing them. This unified platform, which now connects more than 50,000 media and entertainment companies, enables users and systems to interact with media assets in various ways without actually transferring the heavy asset itself. Of course, when files do need to be moved, no platform is better suited to the task.

Download the first part of the series, Metadata Everywhere: How Signiant’s SDCX SaaS Platform Works with Metadata Across Distributed Content Repositories