Margaret Craig on the media business and cloud adoption in 2015 (CloudWedge)

By Meg Cater

“In the Media & Entertainment world, 2014 was the year that cloud conversations shifted from ‘if’ to ‘when and what’.” ~ Margaret Craig, Signiant CEO 

In 2014, cloud computing finally became commonplace within Media & Entertainment technology, a much needed leap many experts say was held back by security concerns. And the broader cloud computing community is taking note.

Last week, CloudWedge published a comprehensive article on the trend of cloud adoption in the media industry by Signiant CEO Margaret Craig called Cloud Adoption: A Media & Entertainment Perspective.

While we’ve grown accustom to seeing Craig featured in media specific publications, that her expertise is gaining recognition in broader cloud tech publications is itself an indication of the trend.

The media industry has been a pioneer in many forms of technology, including those that handle the transfer and security of very large files and data sets. In her article, Craig was able to explain many of the unique technology demands of M&E to “the outside world”, the shifts that have taken place especially in the past year, and how cloud technologies are being molded to fit growing challenges within the industry.

Craig also offers her predictions for 2015, including details around hybrid cloud architectures, continued SaaS adoption and designed-for-the-cloud workflows. She ends with a few tips for building successful cloud strategies in the coming year.

While the tips and insights Craig provides are specific to the media industry, many of them are applicable to any business looking to capitalize on the benefits of cloud computing in a secure manner.

If you haven’t already seen Craig’s post on CloudWedge, check it out here.

photo cred: AiClassEland at en.wikibooks [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], from Wikimedia Commons

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