Media Shuttle, now with S3-compatible on-prem object storage

By Christine Croskery | Sep 30, 2020

Signiant is committed to storage independence, ensuring our customers always maintain 100% control of their assets, whatever storage they choose. What we’re seeing across the industry is wide adoption of this model as most media companies have a complex mix of storage in their own data centers and across public cloud providers. As that storage landscape becomes more diverse, Signiant provides a powerful abstraction layer, offering agility to media companies of all sizes.

The evolution of Media Shuttle’s storage independence

Almost five years ago, Media Shuttle introduced support for cloud object storage from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Since introducing these options, we’ve seen accelerated growth in the number of Media Shuttle customers deploying cloud-backed portals. 

Over that time, we simultaneously noticed a trend toward the adoption of a mix of storage types to suit a variety of content and purposes. These hybrid cloud/multi-cloud strategies offer our customers the benefits of the available on-prem and cloud options as they customize storage across a suite of portals. This best-of-both-worlds approach has proven to be a perfect fit for the modern M&E industry, with companies of all sizes leveraging different storage types for different purposes.

To further expand Media Shuttle’s range of storage possibilities, Signiant announced Google Cloud Storage as a supported storage vendor, ensuring our customers can craft a dynamic content and business strategy that is matched with an equally dynamic approach to storage.

On-premises object storage is officially on the Media Shuttle menu

As the newest addition to our growing list of storage options, we’re happy to introduce S3 compatible on-prem object storage for Media Shuttle. To demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that a large range of S3 compatible options can be connected to Media Shuttle workflows, we’ve tested our software with the following cloud object storage products:

  • Caringo S3
  • Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage
  • Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)
  • IBM Cleversafe
  • NetApp StorageGRID

To configure S3 compatible storage for your portals, this licensed feature must first be enabled by your IT Administrator. Please contact your Signiant representative to add on-prem object storage to your Media Shuttle subscription.

Storage that works for all your file transfer needs

With the rise of hybrid cloud/multi-cloud storage strategies, an increased focus on asset security, and the need to move content both between and within globe-spanning M&E organizations, having a file transfer solution that not only swiftly moves your content, but also works across all of your storage infrastructure, is critical. 

Adding on-prem object storage to the roster of Media Shuttle storage solutions expands the range of possibilities, giving our customers the freedom to explore new approaches, and work more flexibly, than ever before.

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