Media Shuttle Update: Auto Delivery, Management API and App-Less Transfers

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Signiant releases regular updates to Media Shuttle that are pushed to our customers automatically, without any downtime or impact on customization. It’s so seamless that you might have missed them. Here are three areas where we’ve advanced the Media Shuttle platform over the last year that you may not be aware of:

  1. Auto Delivery (sold separately) for unattended delivery of content to or from SHARE portals.

As Media Shuttle is rolled out across the enterprise, use cases often emerge for unattended delivery. Many organizations gain great efficiencies by eliminating the need to manually check for new content or by streamlining distribution of the same content to multiple partners.

Auto Delivery provides this capability via a native application running on the end user’s computer, along with a means of configuring specific folders for automatic upload or download. In short, you can create unattended publish or subscribe workflows, so content is “just there” when you get to your computer.

  1. Management API allows the automation of IT and portal admin tasks to support day-to-day operations (and migration from other products).

Via a REST API, technical staff canautomate repetitive tasks such as portal creation, storage assignment, user creation, and user rights assignment.  Additionally, recent updates allow you to monitor content flow across all portals.

  1. App-Less Transfers allows users who are unable to install the app to make Media Shuttle transfers.

With App-Less Transfers, authorized users are able to access their files from anywhere, on any device, without any special software on the user’s computer. While most users engage with Signiant systems via installing the Signiant app to take advantage of accelerated transport, there are some situations where this is impractical.

By accommodating users who want to use a mobile device (including iOS and Android) or are unable to install software, Signiant enables adoption across the entire media ecosystem with completely clientless access, while eliminating the need for employees, clients or contractors to resort to unsanctioned tools. Like all Media Shuttle transfers, App-Less Transfers are fully track-able.

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