Media Shuttle Update: Distribution Groups, Embedded Portals and System-to-Person Automation API

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One of the great benefits of building cloud-native SaaS solutions like Media Shuttle is that we’re able to innovate constantly and roll out new capabilities to our customers without having to go through any upgrade process. Here are three areas where we’ve advanced the Media Shuttle platform over the last year that you may not be aware of:

Distribution Groups

For organizing portal members into groups. Organize SEND and SHARE portal members into “Groups,” allowing authenticated portal members to send content to a specific set of portal members. For example, you can create a distribution group and send or share the same content to all members of the group. Look for this new feature in the Media Shuttle dashboard’s left-hand side bar.

Embedded Portals

To access your portal on any website. Media Shuttle customers can now embed portals via an iframe into any website. This simple but powerful new feature comes in handy in many situations. For example, it allows you to embed a portal into MAM/DAM systems.

System-to-Person Automation API

The System-to-Person Automation API (sold separately) makes it easy to incorporate Media Shuttle into automated content distribution and acquisition workflows. Via a REST API, technical staff can build content distribution and content acquisition workflows, automating the process across your organization. Create ‘1-click’ download and upload links to integrate with tools that power your business.

Signiant Manager+Agents customers can create simple workflows to send content to (and request content from) end users. This will allow replacement of the Media Gateway workflow in Media Exchange. End-users will experience simple, ‘one-click’ downloads and uploads to pre-specified locations.

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