Media Shuttle Update: Share Portal Rename/Move, Content Protection, Japanese Language and Enhanced SAML Support

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Signiant recently release a few updates to Media Shuttle that you may not be aware of, including:

  1. Share Portal Rename and Move allows you to cover your mistakes or make edits.

Ever wish you could change the name of a file within a SHARE portal rather than re-uploading it, or simply move files to the correct folder location when you accidentally put it in the wrong one? You can now rename and move files within SHARE portals. This capability also allows you to fix uploads with poor default names (like iOS/Android videos) and to easily move files to the correct folder location.

Additionally, now that you have the ability to move content, you can create simple “review” and “approval” style workflows by moving files from “review” to “approved” folders. Please note that folder rename and move capability is not currently supported for portals using cloud object storage.

  1. Content Protection provides an additional level of content security.

For increased security for highly confidential content, Media Shuttle now allows you to choose an optional password-protected ‘encryption at rest’ for SEND portal deliveries. This can be enabled at the user level for individual deliveries or set by administrators at the portal level for all transfers from that portal.

  1. Enhanced Language Support for an expanded number of languages.

Individual portals can be configured for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish …and now Japanese! Default language preferences can be set by administrators at the portal level or users can set their own language preferences, which overrides the portal default language.

  1. Enhanced SAML Support including universal configuration across all portals.

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), a standard for single sign-on, allows system administrators to engage a third-party Web identity provider to grant users access to multiple systems. Administrators can easily provision large user groups, and individual employees can simply log into Media Shuttle with their corporate account credentials. Media Shuttle’s SAML support can now be configured universally across all portals; it’s not necessary to configure SAML for each portal.

These are just some of the new improvements and enhancements Signiant has recently made to Media Shuttle. Stay tuned for more announcements as we continue to innovate and add new capabilities.

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