Monthly Bulletin: January 2024 

The Signiant Platform is going dark — dark mode that is. Dark mode reduces power, can help reduce eye strain, and is more visually appealing. The Signiant console’s light/dark mode automatically follows your computer’s system settings.  

On-demand play and clipping will be generally available in mid-January! On-demand play feature allows users to play a variety of media formats without having to pre-generate and store proxies — allowing for more diligent reviews before pulling down a heavy asset. Clipping allows users to mark in and out points to select a portion of a media asset. Saving time and egress costs, this ability is generally known as partial file restore in the industry. 

COMING SOON! Blue Ant Media is a rapidly growing content creator and media distributor that faced challenges transferring their large files to remote teams while utilizing diverse storage endpoints. Traditional methods like FTP became impractical as they transitioned to distributing 4K.  

To address this, Blue Ant adopted the Signiant Platform, allowing them to streamline its global content flow, support various storage solutions, ensure timely deliveries, and ultimately contribute to their ongoing success and growth.

Have you ever received a file in the wrong format and hated having to go back and forth to get the right file format which costs YOU time and money?  

CloudSpeX checks the file against a selected specification before a transfer and alerts the user if the file is out of compliance. Learn more about CloudSpeX  

We’re starting out the new year with SVG at the Silicon Valley Video Summit! Join some of the greatest minds in tech and broadcast for the second annual summit. This years’ focus is how video teams can do more with less — relying more on innovative, real-time problem-solving tools, automation, and AI. Register now & stop by our table to visit the team! 

In early February, Signiant is venturing to Digital Entertainment Group’s EnTech Fest! Join the Signiant team and others to learn about the latest in M&E technology, cloud architecture, content delivery and more. You don’t want to miss this. 

Looking to discover new ways to manage and access your valuable media assets? Signiant hosted a webinar to showcase how Media Engine makes it easy to search, preview, and take action on media assets across distributed storage. 

Watch the recording to learn how to unlock the full potential of Signiant Media Engine! 

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