More Than Just a Pretty Portal: Customization in Shuttle helps build trust

In its short tenure, Media Shuttle has been adopted by hundreds of organizations – large and small – around the world. It’s been used for thousands of projects to move terabytes of content files for the shows, movies, sports events, special events and commercials we all know and love (or love to hate).

In April at NAB, I was having a conversation about Media Shuttle with a potential customer who provides footage and data analysis to motor sports athletes. We talked about all the great things Media Shuttle offers: speed, reliability, multiple portal types, etc. But when I mentioned the ability for portal administrators to create custom branded portals, their eyes lit up and I could see the wheels turning. On the fly, my colleague created a portal for them to show off how easy it is.

Here’s what it looked like:

Their enthusiasm and excitement reminded me of all the other Shuttle customers who have shared their feedback on how much they like the ability to customize their portals. With only a couple of clicks, portal administrators can change colors, add background graphics, move the form box, and create a fully branded web page to send and share content. And, because many of our customers are highly adept at high resolution imagery, we’ve seen some truly impressive portals.

Aside from the fun of having great graphics that boost your brand, customized portals also provide three really important operational benefits:

Organization at scale: Managing multiple projects with multiple deadlines and multiple collaborators around the globe is a supreme juggling act. Shuttle allows administrators to create as many portals as needed to match the unique organizational challenges of different workflows. Because it’s so easy, many of our customers spin up a custom portal for every client, partner or project – giving them a simple way to stay organized.

Security: Our customers often tell us that the ability to create custom portals adds another layer of security to their projects. By providing a branded web page to share and send files, it makes it obvious to their customers and partners that they are ‘in the right place.’ This helps build trust with their clients. They know they are sending the right content to the right place, and keeping it safe with Signiant’s enterprise-class security.

Usability: The most common feedback we get is how easy they are to use for clients and staff. Many people are accustom to the very poor UX design of other large file transfer methods, so Shuttle’s easy user experience definitely stands out. Combined with the fastest large file transfers available, Shuttle portals can boost a company’s reputation for providing a state-of-the art, collaborative and enjoyable environment for clients.

Media Shuttle’s performance, ease-of-use, and branded web pages allow our customers to provide their customers with a positive content sharing experience. Ultimately, this is just another way for our customers to strengthen their business relationships and their brand – both of which can be key factors for driving growth.

We’d love to show you how easy it is to customize your own Media Shuttle portal.  Sign up for a demo today to learn more!

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