Object Storage-Backed Media Shuttle: The easiest way to start touching the cloud

The sun rising behind Table Mountain in Cape Town. The mountain is above the clouds.

What’s the current mantra repeated most often at business technology events and trade shows? “If you’re not in the cloud, you’re behind the times.”

While that might be true, there are some good reasons that businesses are hesitant to fully embrace the cloud, and it often seems like there is no middle ground between upending your entire IT ecosystem and remaining “behind the times.”

As head of SaaS Operations and Customer Care here at Signiant, I get to speak with all kinds of companies looking to benefit from the operational and business advantages of the cloud. Whether they are enterprise broadcasters based in London or boutique post-production houses in Santa Cruz, they all need to regularly transfer large media files as a central aspect of their business operations. But the technology infrastructures they are emerging from are worlds apart. One has multiple international data centers with on-premises file acceleration technology; and the other, although advanced in every other area of digital media production, still relies on FTP and shipping hard drives. So they often think their approach to cloud technology should be just as different. However, in this case, the cloud is a great equalizer.

No matter how big or small your company is, it’s generally best to start cloud adoption with just one application that will provide broad value across your business.

Cloud-based applications are all the rage for some very good reasons. They can change to meet the needs of users and keep up with other technologies at a rate that is impossible to match with on-premises counterparts. And, because most are priced based on a subscription model, cloud applications are easy to try without a lot of upfront infrastructure investment. So, if you need a fast large file transfer solution and want to try a cloud application, Media Shuttle will both benefit your business and give you some bragging rights.

Cloud lingo to use at your next tech conference or cocktail party

Once you have Shuttle, you are free to jump in the “cloud strategy” bragging circle at the next tech conference, or even show off your forward-looking brilliance at a cocktail party. We don’t want you to seem behind the times any longer, so here’s a basic place to start building your talking points.

Media Shuttle is built upon Signiant’s patented IP acceleration technology that has moved the world’s top content creators’ highest value assets for over 15 years. Media Shuttle utilizes the cloud to deliver a very simple user interface, in a far more cost-effective, graphically enticing, and flexible way. Because the user interface is hosted in the cloud, getting started is very fast, and users need no training and can access it from anywhere in the world.

Media Shuttle also allows customers to choose the storage location of their files, either on-premises or in cloud object storage like Amazon AWS S3 or Microsoft Azure, which gives those customers “cloud storage” bragging rights as well. But if you choose to store files on your own server, you’re utilizing a “hybrid cloud model” where the website is in the cloud but the files themselves transfer directly and never touch the cloud.

Go ahead, start small, give Media Shuttle a try and tell everyone that you’re using a “hybrid-cloud-based file transfer application specifically designed to accelerate and protect the large and important content files that media companies send over the Internet”.  You’ll be trendy and improve your business at the same time.


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