Please Welcome Signiant’s New Field Representatives

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In the spirit of a new and successful year at Signiant, we are pleased to officially welcome two great additions to the team, Strategic Accounts Directors, Chris Soresi and Tom Bush! As the organization continues to grow and sales increase on our flagship product Managers + Agents, along with our full SaaS product line, we are happy to expand Signiant’s representation across the US and Europe with the help of our Field Sales Team. We did a quick Q&A with them to get to know them and their backgrounds a little better:


Chris Soresi joined Signiant this past November and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Before coming to Signiant, what were you doing?

Before Signiant I was the VP of Sales Southeast/Key Accounts Mgr. for Snell Advanced Media (SAM) based out of Atlanta.  My key accounts included CNN/Turner, Univision, ESP. In addition, I managed the Southeast territory consisting of AL, MS, TN, NC, SC, FL, GA & LA.  SAM is a leading provider of broadcast hardware solutions such as News Production Systems, Post Production Editors, Master Control Play Out Servers & Automation, MediaAsset Management systems, Video Routers, Production Switchers, and Terminal Video/Audio Processing.  I was at SAM for the past 3 years before moving to Signiant. Prior to SAM I was the Harris/Imagine Key Accounts Manager for 10 years where I was responsible for similar portfolio to SAM.

What excites you about working at Signiant?

More and more Media Companies, Broadcasters, Post Production, Cable Networks, etc. are starting to develop new workflows that incorporate cloud based technologies.  These companies are seeing value and potential cost savings by moving their content into and out of the cloud for their primary and back up DR channels, as well as utilizing cloud solutions for their alternative OTT offerings. Signiant is in prime position to be a part of that transition by leveraging our partnerships with cloud providers, and utilizing our leadership in acceleration, media sharing, automated workflow toolsets through our complete product suite: Media Shuttle, Flight, and Manager + Agents. As the need from our customers to move off of traditional hardware into the cloud, and the growing need to share secured media quickly increases, it excites me to be a part of these solutions with Signiant.

What are your hobbies outside of work? 

I’m a musician at heart as I have played the guitar since early childhood.  I also enjoy boating and spending time with my family.



Tom Bush began at Signiant last September and is based just outside New York City.

Before coming to Signiant, what were you doing?

Before Signiant I was the Senior Director of Sales – Broadcast and Media Services Americas at Ericsson, responsible for selling the company’s entire portfolio of media and broadcast solutions to numerous Tier 1 broadcasters such as Viacom, PBS, CBS, Discovery, etc. Prior to that I worked as VP of Sales at Octoshape (Now part of Akamai), a global UDP based IP video distribution service provider. I initially began my career as a recording engineer and held positions at animation, production, and music production companies before moving to the business side of video distribution services and the digital media management technology space.


What excites you about working at Signiant?

I’m excited about Signiant’s team and the company’s unique position within the media distribution marketplace. Both can be leveraged to create great value for our customers.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

 I enjoy creating and recording music in my studio. I play many sports with my son and act as an adult leader for BSA Troop 129. I also like to go sculling, camping, and traveling with my family. I like reading about history and forthcoming innovations, especially as they relate to science and physics.

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