Scheduling Jobs with Signiant Jet

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The media and entertainment industry is well known for running on tight and precise schedules. Automating repetitive workflows can be a great way to improve efficiencies, but historically automation tools have been complex and prohibitively expensive for many businesses. That’s exactly why Signiant introduced Jet — to bring powerfully simple automated transfers to businesses of all sizes. 

Thanks to ongoing innovation on the platform, Jet now supports a variety of job types to accommodate all sorts of automated workflows including:

  • Watch folders
  • Scheduled jobs
  • ‘Send it now’ operations
  • Powerful API integrations to trigger Jet jobs based on events from other systems

Jet puts you in control

Many of our customers add or modify files up to the very last minute. A job triggered by a hot folder is the ideal choice to begin sending content to a destination from the moment that files are added or changed. But what about workflows that include datasets to be delivered only after work is complete on all files? Or cases where there’s a desire to process routine transfers during off-hours to ensure adequate bandwidth during peak times? The better option is a job schedule that specifies precisely when and how often to deliver content.

Jet now offers a variety of scheduling choices: 

  • Run a job once or repeatedly
  • Start a job now or at a future date
  • Run jobs at specific intervals
  • Set a schedule in the Jet user interface or via the Jet API

While many of Jet’s applications focus on recurring transfers between source and destination, Jet now includes the ability to start a job manually. This trigger type provides additional flexibility on those occasions when files must be delivered between systems immediately.

All jobs triggered by Hot Folder, Schedule or Manual Start can be paused and resumed instantly on either the Jobs or Job Details page, providing fast, easy customer control when it matters. 

Jobs created, started and stopped programmatically with the Jet API can accommodate almost any workflow where content needs to move between systems, internally or externally with partners, and with storage connected to on-premises and cloud locations.

With these new capabilities, Jet continues to deliver on its promise to offer powerfully simple automation for any size of operation.

To learn more about Signiant Jet, schedule a demo today!

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