Seven Reasons Why We Love Our Customers

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With Valentine’s Day upon us, we’ve been reflecting on our lives and the people we love. We know it’s a bit mushy, but we really do love our customers and wanted to share a few reasons why.


1.  Wicked smart and creative people

We love the smart, creative people that we work with. We always talk about media organizations and their business, but it’s the people at those organizations that teach us how to be better at what we do.

2.  Pioneers in big data

We love that our customers are first movers in big data. While big data is a relatively new concept for many of us, the media industry has been moving big files as a core aspect of their business for decades. We admire the way they’ve overcome some of the most complex file movement challenges to get the job done.

3.  Problem solvers in digital technology

The way our customers handled moving big data years ago, when a single gigabyte was still considered big by everyone else, brings me to the next reason on the list – our customers are great problem solvers. We are so impressed by their innovation and use of technology that enable the complex workflows required to bring their creativity to life.

4.  They create the content we love to consume

We are equally impressed by our customers’ high standards and workmanship. Without their willingness to put up with a little hair on fire (ok maybe a lot of hair on fire), hands-on TLC, and adoption of the latest and greatest technology, we wouldn’t have the content we all love to consume: the films, the television, the inspiring documentaries, those hilarious commercials… I could go on.

5.  They help us design better products

We have been working alongside the media industry for over a decade, and our technology has become business-critical to some of the largest media organizations in the world. Over the years, our customers have always been very willing to share feedback that helps us design and build better products. We are proud of the evolution of our technology, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the open partnership we have with our customers.

6.  They are leading the way and helping other industries

And their partnership hasn’t been limited to just product development. Our customers are doing some amazing things to move their large files. As so many other non-media organizations are just learning how to handle large files, we believe media industry is leading the way and other organizations can learn from them.  Which is why we love our customers’ openness to share their success stories with the world.

7.  They are so cool, we feel cool by association

And last, but not least our customers are straight up cool. We love being a part of helping them entertain all of us every day with TV shows, movies, documentaries, commercials, music, and sports programming. We are proud to partner with such an amazing list of companies and some the world’s smartest and most creative people.


Thank you to all of our customers for choosing to work with us. We look forward to many years of happiness together. We love you and hope the feeling is mutual.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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