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    What did Signiant present and learn at the 2022 NAB Show? Learn about new Signiant technologies and what trends and challenges customers told us.
  • Back to the Future with Signiant at NAB 2022!

    After three years of unprecedented growth building on our foundation of world-class fast file movement, Signiant is excited to return to the 2022 NAB Show and connect with our industry colleagues for some much-needed face time!
  • Signiant Announces Media Engine — Search, Preview, and Take Action on Media Assets Anywhere

    Signiant Announces Media Engine — Media Engine allows Signiant’s SaaS customers to easily search, preview and take action on media assets across all their Signiant-connected storage, from anywhere in the world.
  • Send Large Files Fast, With Style 

    Your large file transfer service is a representation of your brand. Read how Media Shuttle brandable portals offer a functional, seamless, branded concierge touchpoint.
  • Signiant Announces Integration with AWS’s Media2Cloud

    Media2Cloud customers can take advantage of Signiant’s SaaS products to transfer content directly into Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) with speed, reliability, and security and once the content is in the Amazon S3 bucket, Media2Cloud begins the content analysis and post-processing.
  • 2 puzzle pieces, one with the Media Shuttle logo on it and one with the Telestream logo on it.

    Signiant and Telestream Introduce New Integration Between Media Shuttle and Vantage 

    Media Shuttle and Vantage play a significant role in today’s media technology stack. Now, Telestream Vantage and Media Shuttle customers can realize increased efficiency, faster content transfer, and more automated file distribution with a new partner integration.
  • cancelled event image

    What Signiant Would Have Told You at NAB

    What would you have heard at NAB 2021? Lots. While we can’t meet in Las Vegas, you can still learn about recent product updates, how innovative M&E companies are using our technology and see a sneak peek at some of the exciting new capabilities on our roadmap.
  • The words Signiant Console above a cloud with the Jet logo, the Flight logo and the Media Shuttle logo.

    Media Shuttle Cross-Portal Transfer Activity and History

    Media Shuttle now gives IT and Operations administrators a new level of visibility into all running and completed transfers in a single interface, the Signiant Console.
  • The letters I M and F in white text with a Media Shuttle around it.

    Media Shuttle Facilitates Interoperable Master Format (IMF) Adoption

    In contrast to Signiant’s Media Shuttle’s ease of use, IMF isn’t very user-friendly. Signiant addressed customer concerns with new Media Shuttle functionality that makes it easier for those working with IMF packages to identify and construct the versions they need.
  • A long room full of monitors, chairs and various sound and editing equipment.

    NEP Group Adds Signiant Media Shuttle to Its Service Offering

    NEP has selected Signiant Media Shuttle to enable accelerated file-based operations across its fleet of OB trucks, Studios and Flypacks. With Media Shuttle, NEP clients can easily and quickly move media assets and associated metadata to and from the venue.
  • A screenshot of a form to gather meta data.

    Flexible Metadata Collection with Media Shuttle

    Signiant helps media companies move beyond the use of inflexible metadata input forms and implement solutions to optimize efficiency and data integrity.
  • A locomotive next to the words Cinema Maquina.

    Cinema Máquina Taps a Global Market with the Help of Media Shuttle

    The challenges Cinema Máquina regularly faces — dispersed creative teams, massive amounts of content traveling great distances, and precious little time — are typical media obstacles. Throw in a pandemic, lockdowns, and a show that must go on; those obstacles are only exacerbated. Throughout it all, Cinema Máquina kept ongoing. Based in Mexico City, Cinema… View More