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Some companies only need to transfer small data documents daily, but there are certain industries that need to transfer big files. Raw video files from long shoots can easily be a terabyte. On dial-up modems, this would have taken years. We’ve come pretty far since the days of dial-up, but moving that big of a file still takes a stable, fast network and a smart file movement process.

If you need to transfer big files regularly, then Signiant’s Managers+Agents offer excellent management capabilities. You can manage and track content movement with guaranteed certified delivery and use file-based workflow modeling and administration to better orchestrate and automate time-consuming tasks. Managers+Agents are flexibile, powerful and reliable—perfect for transferring big files again and again.

Signiant’s newest product for big file transfer, Media Shuttle offers the easiest way to send your big files anywhere. You just drag and drop the file into a custom web page and click transfer. The interface is intuitive, and your big files transfer quickly. The best part of Media Shuttle is that there are no file size limits. You can transfer 10 Gigabyte files, 100 GigaByte files, and even TeraByte size files! Media Shuttle keeps you from worrying about compressing files, breaking them into smaller files, or loading them onto hard disks.

Signiant specifically focuses on extreme file sharing solutions. We want to move big files fast, effortlessly, and securely. We can help you create an advanced automated workflow and transfer big files anywhere at any time. Trust your content with the market leader in intelligent file movement software for media and entertainment. We optimize existing enterprise network infrastructure and provide secure digital media exchanges. Read more about how Signiant has helped companies transfer big files in the following articles.

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    Bandwidth vs. Throughput, and How to Get the Most Out of Your Network

    Signiant’s accelerated file transfer solutions are designed to optimize transfers based on file and storage type, distance, and network conditions, to make sure you get the most out of all available bandwidth. And, the bigger the pipe, the more we can help!
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    File Transfer Horror Stories

    Some of the horrors companies experience when trying to move large video files during production and distribution might be scarier than Pennywise. From Frankenstein FTPs to Bandwidth Boogeymen, scroll through the many villains lurking in the dark corners of media file transfers.
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    App-less Transfers: A new option in Media Shuttle for supporting our customers’ entire ecosystems

    In some highly regulated industries, companies are often operating under locked down corporate IT environments. Signiant’s new app-less transfer option for Media Shuttle allows them to extend the solution’s adoption across their entire media ecosystems when installing software is not an option. System administrators can maintain full control and visibility of every transfer, while all end users enjoy a simple, uniform experience.
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    Imagine downloading half a million one hour shows, in HD, from Netflix

    Media Shuttle continues to evolve as we provide new features and capabilities, and one constant has always been our laser focus on ease of use, and support for ever more efficient workflows. But what it really all boils down to is how well the solution works for the users who actually send, receive and share files through the Media Shuttle portals. From this perspective, the breadth and depth of adoption and usage, and the rate at which these continue to grow, has been staggering. Check out some numbers from our current customers that speak louder than words.
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    Larger files sizes, the move to the cloud and Signiant product updates were the news at IBC 2016

    Take a look at this IBC Daily video by TVBEurope, featuring Greg Hoskin, managing director of Signiant’s sales in EMEA and Asia-Pacific, with new ways to store assets and our other product line news.
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    What if Everything was 200X Faster?

    Making large files move faster, up to 200 times faster than standard methods like FTP, is what we at Signiant are all about, We think you might agree what a world it would be if we could make a few other things go 200 times faster too.
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    Demand for High Res Content is Driving File Size Growth

    The demand for high resolution content is growing rapidly. Not a statement most of us would be surprised by. What might be surprising, on the other hand, is the size and scale of the files these high res videos yield. Is your team prepared to handle the data explosion?
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    Lost in Transit

    Signed, sealed, and… In the 90s, as director of production at a commercial post house, I felt a vague sense of dread whenever a project wrapped up and we shipped our “baby” – the final production – out to the different TV stations that were going to air it. Then sometimes, the worst would happen and the masterpiece we had just labored over for a month had gone missing.
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    Beyond Entertainment: Enterprise Big Data Modeling with Virtual Reality

    The business applications of Virtual Reality deserve a lot more attention, especially from large corporations with Big Data initiatives.
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    The Massive Data Challenge of Virtual Reality

    Because VR requires multiple camera angles on the same shot, data off the cameras are astronomical already. But that’s not the whole picture.
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    Signiant Workflows Embrace The Cloud

    Signiant today announced the availability of a pre-built workflow that provides tight integration with the Microsoft Azure Media Services (AMS) platform to facilitate seamless asset transfer for content preparation in the cloud.
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    Who Won Adobe’s Race to the Cloud? Racing Large file S3 uploads at Adobe Summit

    Adobe’s Elliot Sedegah and Joshua Ramirez show a demo of Signiant acceleration technology at Adobe Summit 2016.