Signiant Celebrates World Television Day 2022

cartoon showing the transformation of the television with 6 TVs with a blue background

November 21 has been recognized as World Television Day since the United Nations general assembly declared it so in 1996. So it’s time to celebrate and reflect! 

At Signiant, we mark and revere the progress made in television where great tools meet great storytelling. What strikes us is not just how far the technology has come, but how fast it continues to evolve. TV programming was complex the day it was born. Nearly 100 years later, the rate at which complexity is being added to production and distribution pipelines is at an all-time high with no sign of slowing down.

Two areas have exploded. First, the number of platforms and the ways content is consumed is growing at a rate we’ve never seen. Second is the rate at which toolmakers are enabling storytellers to compete for viewership in a multi-platform, multi-screen world. Signiant has been at the forefront of two key transitions, tape to file-based workflows and now the move to cloud, both of which have set the stage for this era of content anywhere and everywhere. The possibilities feel endless, and it seems we’ve only just begun.

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