Did You Know?  Signiant Jet Supports All Major Clouds

4 Clouds with Wasabi, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and even Wasabi customers benefit from Jet 

Your enterprise measures content in terabytes and time in milliseconds. The rate at which new challenges are added to your daily workflow is always accelerating. Driving this growing complexity are the enormous efficiencies and evolving capabilities of the public cloud. Maintaining the flexibility to choose which cloud platforms to use and which workloads should be on-prem vs. cloud is something that should not be constrained. Your content exchange tools should make it easy to plug and play with whichever storage you choose.

This is why Signiant Jet is designed to work and interact harmoniously across all the major cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and now Wasabi Cloud Storage. Regardless of which cloud providers you work with, Signiant Jet will take you where you want to go.

The Signiant Platform moves petabytes of data every day for more than 50,000 companies in the M&E industry. The platform underpins Jet, our modern service for automating point-to-point transfers of large data sets. Jet makes it easy to work with diverse partners, diverse mixes of storage, keeps your content secure in flight and speeds up operations with our fastest transport yet.

Learn more about how Signiant Jet is the easiest and safest way to automate large file transfers between locations around the globe at unprecedented speeds, regardless of which storage and cloud options you choose.

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