Signiant & Pixit Media Integration Rapidly Locates Media Assets and Accelerates File Transfers

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Signiant and Pixit Media have collaborated to create an integration of Pixit’s PixStor rapid search with intelligent and accelerated file transfer using Signiant’s Media Shuttle. Users of the two products can now comb through petabytes of data to find and send files in a tightly integrated, super-fast and simple-to-use solution.

Today, media organizations are generating exponentially increasing amounts of data and locating specific data through manual techniques is becoming increasingly problematic. Pixit Media’s PixStor Search provides fast metadata tagging, indexing and search capabilities over massive data sets across the entire PixStor Global Namespace, extending to petabytes of data stored internally and externally to object storage, tape and the cloud.

Signiant Media Shuttle is the market leading SaaS solution for accelerated transfer of large files. Combining the simplicity of online file sharing with enterprise-class acceleration, security, and control, Media Shuttle quickly moves any size file over public and private IP networks, making it easy to send large data sets anywhere in the world.

PixStor Search provides an API enabling customers to add additional custom metadata and workflows. To provide integration with Signiant, Pixit Media’s development team added the additional concept of Frontend Plugins to allow customers to implement their desired UI based workflows and tooling.

From the Signiant – PixStor integrated interface, a user can search for media assets using PixStor Search’s Graphical Interface, searching for codecs, resolutions, project, producer, director, or any other metadata. Files can be selected from search results and easily added to a Signiant Media Shuttle Package for transfer utilizing PixStor Search’s user-friendly UI. Simply clicking “send” brings up the Media Shuttle interface to send the package, specifying who it’s going to with all the necessary notifications.

Jez Tucker: Head of Research & Development, Pixit Media

“Utilizing the new Plugin the process couldn’t be simpler or faster”, said Jez Tucker, Head of Research and Development, Pixit Media, “Run a search, select files, and use Signiant Media Shuttle to send them. It’s a tightly integrated super easy-to-use solution.”

To see a demonstration of the joint solution, visit the Pixit Media Stand 7.D69 at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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