Signiant Renews DPP Committed to Security Certification

A red shield with a check mark at the top, and the words committed to security DPP productions, next to a similar one.

Security has always been a top-of-mind concern in media and entertainment, but perhaps no more so than now. In the wake of several major hacks within the last few years — and two major incidents within the last six months — M&E companies need to be certain the software they’re investing in is committed to protecting their assets. 

For Signiant, this is a vital and critical focus, and we take precautions to secure every layer involved in file movement. Our security technology and implementation regularly undergo extensive third-party reviews to ensure effective protection. That commitment to security has made Signiant a preferred choice by the world’s top studios, broadcasters, and more. We also work closely with several industry organizations to adopt best practices. Today, we are proud to announce the renewal of our Digital Production Partnership (DPP) Committed to Security certifications for production and broadcasting.

The DPP’s Committed to Security certifications allow business leaders in the M&E industry to sleep a little sounder, especially when it comes to the tools they rely on to create, manage, and distribute their most valuable pieces of content. For each certification, the DPP provides a comprehensive checklist of qualifying criteria an organization must meet. Following a self-assessment questionnaire, quality assurance expert and DPP member, Eurofins Digital Testing, reviews the application. Those able to meet every requirement on the checklist receive a two-year certification. Those who are only partially compliant receive a reduced one-year certification.

The DPP offers two certification programs: Committed to Sustainability and Committed to Security. The latter contains separate certifications for production and broadcasting categories. While the technical sub-certifications for both have similar general requirements, they are also carefully tailored to the industry sectors to which they refer. Each checklist consists of sections covering general policies and documentation, incident management, physical security procedures, authentication technology, legal considerations, IT security, and more. 

In 2018, Signiant received dual “Committed to Security” marks from the DPP in both production and broadcasting — one of only 16 organizations to qualify for both. “Providing secure solutions for fast, reliable global access to media assets is a critical part of the value proposition of all Signiant’s enterprise software products,” says CTO Ian Hamilton. “Signiant incorporates information security best practices into all elements of our operations, including the application of secure design principles and security reviews early in our software development process.”

Receiving the DPP Committed to Security mark for the third year in a row is a great affirmation of this commitment.

“Media companies need to consider the security of every component in their supply chain, in order to protect their most valuable assets – their content,” said DPP CTO, Rowan de Pomerai. “It’s therefore crucial for them to know that their suppliers share the same focus on security, which is why the DPP Committed to Security programme is so powerful. By renewing its assessments, Signiant has once again shown that it is committed to following security best practices for the benefit of its customers.”

With the December 2020 SolarWinds hack, the stark reality and necessity of cybersecurity gave the industry a wake-up call to the importance of cybersecurity. Four months later, another breach cut across a range of sectors with the Accellion hack. Bad actors constantly evolve, as must modern media security. M&E companies can’t risk deploying solutions that don’t make their security a top priority. This reality is what sits at the heart of the DPP “Committed to Security” program and Signiant’s security commitment. 

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