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Jet Brings a Modern Approach to Inter-company Content Exchange

Apr 29, 2021 By Jon Finegold

By the time a finished media asset is distributed to all the broadcast and streaming platforms on which it will be made available, it will have passed through multiple internal systems. While some projects are still completed entirely in-house, most media and entertainment companies now rely on a network of external partnerships that contribute specialized skills and expertise at various stages of production. Each time an asset moves between organizations, there may be new security considerations and auditing requirements, as well as new storage locations and types. This often-intricate network places significant pressure on organizations to develop an adaptable inter-company content exchange infrastructure that is simple to set up and maintain, provides visibility and control, and doesn’t invite intrusion into internal networks or storage.

Inter-company Content Exchange Challenges

Moving and accessing content within an organization is challenging in itself. Transferring and tracking assets across multiple organizations, each with its own configuration of on-premises and cloud systems, often adds layers of complexity.

In the latest installment of Metadata Everywhere: A Modern Approach to Inter-company Content Exchange, Signiant examines possible barriers to smoothly-functioning inter-company content exchange including:


Signiant: The Trusted Broker for Inter-company Content Exchange

Since the earliest days of file-based workflows, Signiant has been a trusted broker for inter-company content exchange. While Signiant is known as a leader in file movement and acceleration technologies, the company has evolved naturally to provide the logic and security for content transfer between organizations.

Signiant offers a range of software solutions, each of which addresses a different class of inter-company file transfer use cases:

  • Manager+Agents helps the world’s largest media companies automate the movement of petabytes of data, both within and between companies.
  • Our cloud-native SaaS application, Media Shuttle, connects more than 50,000 companies for manual inter-company transfer.
  • Signiant’s newest SaaS product, Jet, brings together our expertise in automated file transfer and our leadership in cloud-native SaaS to offer automated content exchange to companies of all sizes.

Jet Inter-company Content Exchange

Using Jet, organizations of any size can work together to transfer content between their respective on-premises and/or cloud object storage. After establishing a cross trust using Jet’s simple yet secure cloud handshake mechanism, partners can build a route that connects source and destination storage locations. Mutually agreed upon transfer jobs can then move content from one company to the other.

Of course, even when working with a trusted partner, each company wants assurances that they’re only sharing the information they intend to make available externally. Signiant takes great care to ensure the creation of a Jet partner route is managed securely in the cloud, without sharing passwords or sensitive network information. Once a route connects partners, each company only has insight into that route and their own storage. At no time does either partner have access to the other organization’s network or storage locations.

Modern Solutions for the Modern Media Supply Chain

As media supply chains and workflows become increasingly complex, organizations need access to tools that allow them to avoid inter-company transfer obstacles and connect easily with trusted partners.

With thousands of media and entertainment companies already connected to the SDCX SaaS platform through Jet and Media Shuttle, Signiant makes it easy for organizations — large and small — to establish and maintain productive partnerships. The speed, security, and visibility that define Signiant’s modern approach to inter-company content exchange all expedite the flow of assets along media supply chains and ensure that the global appetite for creative content is satisfied.