Signiant and Telestream Introduce New Integration Between Media Shuttle and Vantage 

Signiant and Telestream have long been integral technology suppliers to the media and entertainment industry, offering products and services deeply embedded in the media supply chain. With most of the world’s top media companies using products from the two companies, ensuring products from Signiant and Telestream work well together has always been important and with Media Shuttle and Vantage both playing such a significant role in today’s media technology stack, we’ve collaborated on a tighter integration of the products.

Now, Telestream Vantage and Media Shuttle customers can realize increased efficiency, faster content transfer, and more automated file distribution. Whether it’s review and approval, finished form distribution, or social media deliverables, as soon as assets are available, delivery and notifications can be easily automated directly from Vantage via the new Media Shuttle integration. 




When Telestream Vantage completes a workflow operation, it copies transcoded files to the endpoint storage for a Media Shuttle portal. Leveraging the Media Shuttle API, download links are automatically sent to the recipients specified when configuring the Vantage workflow. 



The Signiant/Telestream Media Shuttle integration further supports user-driven operations where end users download post-processed content. By simplifying workflow orchestration for Telestream Vantage administrators, Media Shuttle provides end users with a more efficient delivery and notification mechanism, thus increasing monitoring and utilization efficiency. 

 Signiant and Telestream have a long history of working with most of the world’s top media companies to streamline operations. As two fast-growing companies with evolving product portfolios, the companies continue to find ways to create efficiencies for customers. In a recent example, products from Signiant and Telestream were used to enable remote teams to edit and distribute content from halfway around the world. 

 To learn more about how Signiant and Telestream products work together, schedule a demo today!

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