Signiant’s Latest Milestone — Joining the Trusted Partner Network

Platform Updates 

Did you hear?! Signiant has joined the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) and successfully completed the TPN App and Cloud Gold Shield Assessment! Our customers use our technology to move their most valuable assets, so we take every precaution to secure every layer involved in file movement. Learn more 

Iceland’s state-owned broadcaster, RÚV, had numerous and cumbersome FTP workflows that were just their way of life — until they got fed up. RÚV deployed the Signiant Platform and saw an immediate impact, finding unexpected efficiencies and cost savings. Learn more about RÚV’s Signiant story.

Water Cooler Topics 

You may have noticed: we’re living in a world of distributed production, complex interweaving workflows, scattered storage, more and more content destinations, and, as always, tight deadlines. The last thing you want your people to do is spend hours clicking through file directories searching for a media file they used a year ago. Discover Media Engine — the 20% of media management that everyone needs.  

Upcoming Events 

Signiant is proud to sponsor the Broadcast Sport Summit at the world-famous Lord’s Cricket Ground in London! Join sports media professionals to discuss everything in sports production, broadcasting, content, and technology. You don’t want to miss this one! 

Signiant returns to the 8th annual DPP Leaders’ Briefing! Join senior executives from over 30 major media organizations in person to discuss exclusive priorities for the upcoming year — tailored to suppliers and content providers.  

CEO, Margaret Craig, will join the last session with UK broadcasters, including BBC, ITV, and Channel 4, as a Q+A Host. If you’re a DPP member, registration is free — sign up now! 

In Case You Missed It 

Speaking of the DPP — Signiant teamed up with the DPP and Wasabi to investigate how well-equipped media organizations are to deliver programming, content and services to customers and partners in hybrid and remote environments.

The results? The media industry is MOSTLY equipped, but improvements can be made to shore up hybrid working. Check out the best practices and learn more

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