Speeding is Believing

The words where are your files moving? on a map of the world with the U.S. and Europe are colored green and orange.

If you’ve read any number of our extensive educational resources, white papers, or articles… or checked out our product features and technology innovations… or tuned into any of our webinars… then you might have concluded that we spend a whole lot of time talking about how fast our file transfers are. And you wouldn’t be wrong.

Now, we have an organization-wide commitment to security, reliability, Cloud software, storage freedom and huge file sizes—and have written all the technology papers and reports to show for it.

But as for acceleration? For some, it just can’t be captured in words.

You see us tossing around phrases like “200 times faster” and “the longer the distance, the greater the improvement.” We talk about “patent and patent pending acceleration technology” and “movement at maximum speeds over any Internet protocol network, regardless of latency.” And it all sounds so… fast.

But maybe, after all you’ve read about our solutions, that’s the one thing you’re still wondering about: just how fast are Signiant file transfers, really?

We get it. By only reading about it, you can’t even comprehend these speeds we’re talking about and get a real sense for what it will do to improve your life. You might be impressed with those numbers… but you can’t quite tell how it applies in the real world, to the real files you send to real places.

Here’s an idea: now that you’ve read about our file transfer speeds, let us calculate yours.

It’s easy to do: go to our File Transfer calculator and try it for yourself. Enter any size file, any distance, any network speed, any choice of sample destinations. You’ll see how long it will take for your typical file size to get where you typically send it in real life, on actual networks. And what’s more, you’ll see how long it would have taken the old way. (And just for fun, the really old way too.)

So if you want to see how others are applying Signiant accelerated file transfer solutions in their real worlds, we invite you to keep reading – about what our customers are doing. We have a whole library of case studies, many of which cover situations that you’re probably faced with in your organization.

But if you want to see the impact our technology can have on your file transfers, then visit our File Transfer Calculator and see for yourself.

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