Sports, Signiant and Your Jewel Event

In the global sporting event broadcasting biz, massive shows like the men’s and women’s  FIFA World Cup, the Summer & Winter Olympic Games, and the NFL’s Super Bowl are sometimes referred to as “jewel” events by their broadcast rights holders. Up and down the spectrum of sports broadcasting and streaming, every producer has their own jewel event — something that requires all their resources and best effort into producing something very special.

Not every jewel event is a massive global event. For you, your jewel event could be a minor league tennis championship or a high school swimming competition or a non-traditional X Games sport. Regardless of what it is, it has something deeply in common with the world’s largest sporting events. What is it? The simple answer is the use of digital files and the need to move lots of them before, during and after the event. That and the Signiant Platform. The Signiant Platform is relied upon by events of all sizes to send files before, during and after your most important events.

Pregame file packages include:

  • Pre-recorded interviews
  • Team or player featurettes
  • Highlights from previous matches
  • Graphics packages
  • Pre-produced game-specific package roll-ins

A tremendous amount of file movement takes place during the game, including:

  • Highlight clips remotely created and delivered back to the production site for playout
  • Processed video clips needed for the Jumbotron, and other in-venue displays
  • Selected clips for remote referee adjudication based across the country
  • Contractual media obligations for news organizations, social media platforms and rights holders worldwide

Immediately after the game, shutting down and archiving all footage off site quickly saves time and money. File packages include:

  • Footage needing to be archived into on-prem storage, to the cloud, or both
  • League distribution obligations to the teams
  • Post-game interviews, highlights and content requests
  • Players and influencers looking for specific clips to build their personal brands and engage their audiences

When it comes to modern live sports production, speed is foundational as massive amounts of data need to be moved to and from a variety of locations before, during and after the game. These workflows involve people who need to find and access content, and to distribute content automatically to multiple places simultaneously. Lastly, they always involve a wide variety of systems that need to interoperate.

The Signiant Platform

With advanced network optimization technology at its core, the Signiant Platform is perfectly suited to enhance modern live sports productions, regardless of size and scale. Learn why brands such as NBC, NFL, NHL, Discovery, Sky, BBC, ESPN, NEP and many others rely on Signiant before, during and after the game.

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