Signiant solutions add Google Cloud and on-prem object storage support, furthering our commitment to storage independence

By Victoria Burt | Jun 11, 2020

As the Media & Entertainment industry continues to work in a hybrid cloud, multi-cloud world, Signiant remains committed to storage independence, a pillar of our platform. While Signiant is well-known for its file acceleration technology, more and more companies are leveraging Signiant as a storage abstraction layer, enabling fast, seamless access to media assets regardless of where and how they are stored. The M&E industry is unique, and tools that work well in other industries often don’t work well in ours. With the massive file sizes in media, control and choice of storage are always key considerations.  

The Signiant platform (including Manager+Agents versions 14.1 and higher) now supports:

  • On-prem file storage
  • S3 Compatible on-prem object storage
  • Cloud object storage from AWS, Azure and now Google Cloud Platform

With more than 25,000 media and entertainment companies now on Signiant’s SaaS platform, we often get a look at emerging trends across the industry.  We’re seeing an increasing amount of private cloud infrastructure where on-prem object storage is in use, and we’ve certainly seen a rise in demand for Google Cloud Platform as the industry looks to diversify and leverage different cloud providers for different use cases. But, of all the trends in storage, the one that jumps out the most is that media companies continue to leverage different storage types for different data sets and use cases, and while this gives businesses flexibility to balance cost, performance, scalability, and security, it can create headaches for IT as they try to manage it all. That is why the industry is turning to Signiant and storage independence SaaS providers to abstract that complexity so that authorized people and systems can access the content required regardless of storage choice.  

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