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The NFL draft is happening! How we help teams send large video files

Apr 29, 2016 By Signiant

By Dennis Hennessey

(photo: creative commons/Flickr)

As a sports fan, I love our customers.

As Signiant’s Director of Customer Success, I speak with our customers regularly, which means I get to interact with companies that create much of film and television we all love.

Since video production and distribution are core to what they do, I often hear that our products are “mission-critical.” It gives me a lot of pride to see Signiant making such a positive impact in their day-to-day lives.

And today I’m feeling that pride in an especially vibrant way. Yesterday marked the start of this year’s NFL Draft, and many of the teams involved are using our technology to send large video files for broadcasting on stations around the country and back home to their local studios.

We recently published a case study on how the Detroit Lions, for example, are doing just that and more.

Being a big football fan, it’s pretty cool to know that so many teams rely on our service to share footage within their organization and out to their partners; especially during the draft which is such a run and gun operation for all involved.

And it’s not just NFL teams; sports teams across many leagues and nations are adopting Signiant’s SaaS solutions as the demand for higher-resolution sports content continues to grow around the world.

To know Signiant is driving that process is very rewarding. I get the same feeling when I watch a movie or ESPN, and see our customers’ names in the credits.

It’s so fun to be able to say, “Hey, I work with those guys!”  

So, a big thank you to the teams, both on the field and behind the cameras/computers, for bringing so much joy and revelry to fans like me.

(photo: creative commons/Flickr)