It’s Three in the Morning. Do You Know Where Your Files Are?

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Signiant has long been known across the media industry for our core file acceleration technology — the ability to move any size file, anywhere in the world, with speed and reliability. In an industry where businesses work with massive files and complex workflows under tight deadlines, fast file transfer is mission critical. But file transfer isn’t only about speed, and Signiant continues to add media-specific intelligence to our platform that is beyond fast file movement. Visibility and control are often atop the list of requirements so that teams always know the status of any transfer, are alerted when issues occur and can easily control access without involving technical resources.

Empowering every team

When it comes to control, it’s important that every team can do their job and do so efficiently. This is why Signiant’s Media Shuttle solution stresses what is known as “delegated administration.” With a Shuttle subscription, companies can create any number of portals, each with their own portal administrators who have complete control and visibility over their operations, including:

  • Adding and removing users
  • Assigning or modifying user privileges
  • Setting up email notifications
  • Monitoring all transfer activity
  • Even custom branding of each portal

Some companies set up a portal for each project, others by function and some organize by geography. This flexibility allows each team to stay on top of all activity.

Why visibility and control matter

  • Do you invoice customers upon file delivery? Automated alerts can speed up revenue collection.
  • Are you working with remote or distributed teams? Ensuring teams have access to the files they need is critical to keeping talented resources fully utilized.
  • Ever been told ‘I never received that file’? A history of receipts and file access can help with covering your back!
  • Ever accidentally sent a file to the wrong person? That whoops moment can be relieved with the ability to revoke a transfer that inadvertently went to the wrong person.
  • In our ‘hair on fire’ industry, a little peace of mind can be nice!

Be the master of your content!

The importance and power of robust visibility and control functionalities cannot be overstated, especially in media where files move constantly and security is top-of-mind. The solutions a business relies on to move their content will often dictate their agility, and their ability to complete complex projects — not just via their raw speed, but via their usability.

Visibility and control are at the heart of that topic, and with Signiant’s Media Shuttle, no team will ever have to feel as though they’ve lost track of their content or lost their handle on their operations, as complex as they may be. As with every element of Signiant’s solutions, the focus on visibility and control comes from deep experience with a wide range of M&E businesses and is tailored to address the specific challenges the industry faces.

In media, content reigns supreme. Sacrificing the ability to see and manage that content is not a risk the industry can take.

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