What if Everything was 200X Faster?

The words What if everything was 200x faster? over several drawings of people in irritating situations that take a long time.

Making things happen faster is what we at Signiant are all about. We’re always thinking about important things like accelerated file transfers and UDP transfer protocols. We also like to ponder what life would be like if the things we dread happened 200x times faster. I think you’d agree the world would be a better place. We even got silly enough to start to draw some of those things on paper. And then we got a professional cartoonist to make our drawings better.

Have a look and enjoy. If you like, go ahead and draw your own picture of something dreaded happening 200x faster. Keep it clean kids. Tweet it or send it to us if you’d like. We’d be happy to share.

What if everything is 200x faster
Deliver a baby in 5.4 minutes
Wrap up a bad date in 36 seconds
6.9 seconds at the doctors office
Work week that lasts 13.05 minutes
Stopping for .6 seconds at a red light
Commute into NYC in 12 seconds
39 seconds at DMV
Get a full workout in 18 seconds
Customer service call lasts .3 seconds
16.8 hours of winter in New England
Fly from Australia to Boston in 6.7 minutes

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