Going to NAB?

NAB 2012 remains the launch pad for the Media and Entertainment community to unveil their new products and solutions to a media savvy, technology-hungry audience and we are excited to be right there in the middle of it all.

From an EMEA perspective, NAB is equally important and we will be there in force. For those of us here who won’t be joining the fun, we have a reseller channel swinging into action. The first of our many European partners is Boxer Systems, a powerhouse in systems solutions sales. We are proud to be working with Boxer as they introduce the Signiant family of products into a wider network of clients. Initially focusing on London’s prestigious production and post-production communities, Boxer and Signiant will be supporting media and entertainment companies looking for workflow automation tools that drive greater efficiency and meet stringent security thresholds.

Boxer Systems will also be a critical part of our EMEA success story in 2012 as we launch new products, but you won’t read about them here today. Just like the rest of the M&E world, we will be announcing these exciting new solutions at NAB.  So jump on a plane, check into your hotel and ride the monorail (does anyone actually use that?) and meet us at the greatest show on earth ( booth SL4228) .


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