file transfer tools

File transfer should be simple, but it can get complicated quickly. A variety of different tools are available to help you with file transfer. Data cables, USB drives, email programs, cloud hosting providers, and FTP solutions all offer file transfer capabilities.

Using the right tools for a project can make file delivery easier and more secure, but using twelve separate tools for your companies various file transfer needs becomes a hassle and a security risk. Signiant offers the best file transfer tools for any kind of file movement projects, no matter the size of the file, and they can be used individual or integrated together for a streamlined approach.

Our award-winning file transfer products include Media Shuttle, Flight, and Managers+Agents.

We offer

  • Linux High Availability option to provide protect against Manager failure on a given site,
  • Disaster recovery option to protect entire sites in the event of a failure,
  • Automation Engine to create flexible workflow templates,
  • Workflow Moduling Agent to store and use file-based workflows and automate tasks,
  • Manager Peering to better connect and facilitate content sharing,
  • Accelerated transfers into and out of object storage with SkyDrop SaaS solution,
  • CloudSpeX Application to ensure that your delivery specification is consistently enforced.

Signiant provides a set of design tools to help companies create customized workflows, which can then be mapped onto your IT infrastructure with an open architecture framework.  Signiant also works closely with a broad ecosystem of top-tier technology partners.

The articles below discuss the advantages of our innovative file transfer tools and how you can use Signiant products in your existing networks to optimize file transfer performance.

How Discovery Moves Assets (and Producers) into the Cloud

Learn how the Discovery Communications technology team innovated its video processing by moving its systems to the cloud.

By Jim Ball Learn more

Good Things Come in Threes

Dave North, our Director of DevOps, walks through all three of Media Shuttle’s user interfaces and shows how everyone on the team can get a tailored view that’s made explicitly for the jobs they need to get done.

By Katie McKay Learn more

Speeding is Believing

After all you’ve read about our solutions, maybe the one thing you’re still wondering about is just how fast are Signiant file transfers, really?

By Jim Ball Learn more

Signiant Launches Flight: A Hybrid SaaS Solution to Accelerate Movement of Large Data Sets Into and Out of Cloud Storage

Signiant today announced a significant extension of the company’s cloud portfolio with the introduction of Signiant SkyDrop – the first and only commercially available hybrid SaaS solution that accelerates the movement of big data and professional media files into and out of cloud storage. Unlike other acceleration offerings, Signiant SkyDrop is a genuine cloud-formed solution that leverages managed cloud infrastructure, in contrast to software that customers must deploy and manage.

By Katie McKay Learn more

Signiant Debuts CloudSpeX™ Application for Managing File Delivery Specs and Asset Validation in the Cloud

CloudSpeX matches file types and metadata against a cloud-based directory of published specifications to ensure that assets comply with customer-defined delivery format requirements. In moving validation out of the client and into the cloud, CloudSpeX provides a uniform mechanism for automatically checking files against a chosen specification across the entire content ecosystem.

By Lisa Clark Learn more

MESA | File Format Compliance: The Next Frontier in the Cloud

A new cloud-based approach from Signiant offers the promise of consistent validation of file-based content throughout the content distribution ecosystem. Instead of doing what the majority of content players do now – validating and correcting file compliance AFTER the transfer occurs – this new approach helps ensure that the right media format gets delivered for the right platform BEFORE the transfer occurs – saving everyone time and money.

By Lisa Clark Learn more

InBroadcast | Do Your Media Files Meet Required Broadcast Delivery Specifications?

For many years we have been talking about file-based workflows and it’s fair to say that data is fast becoming the norm at every stage of the production and post-production path. The plethora of codecs, formats and platforms has introduced a technical challenge of marshaling all this data into usable, transmittable files.

By Lisa Clark Learn more

Introducing Some Great Media Shuttle Features

We released our new Media Shuttle product in late July and since then we’ve been hard at work adding some great new features. Because Media Shuttle administration and UI is delivered in the cloud, these features are available immediately to every user – no upgrades required!

By Dave North Learn more

Inflight Productions Deploys Signiant to Accelerate and Manage the Delivery of Airline Entertainment Programs

“Signiant’s solutions were the only ones that ticked all the boxes in meeting our file movement requirements, one of the biggest being the ability to provide iron-clad security for transferring full-resolution Hollywood movie assets. By moving away from tape, we’ve been able to reduce our costs by as much as 50 percent, and our business processes have been improved across the board.”

By Lisa Clark Learn more

How many technical people does it take to change a workflow?

No idea? Well having attended TVB Europe’s IT Broadcast Workflow conference, I would hazard a guess that it may be less than you would think! Gathered today at BAFTA on London’s Piccadilly, were the heavyweights of the broadcast world such as BBC, ITV and South Africa’s Supersport, and service providers including itfc and Encompass, all of whom came together to share their insights on the technology challenges (and solutions) they encountered whilst implementing new file-based workflows into their infrastructure.

By Sally Reid Learn more

Going to NAB?

Boxer Systems will also be a critical part of our EMEA success story in 2012 as we launch new products, but you won’t read about them here today. Just like the rest of the M&E world, we will be announcing these exciting new solutions at NAB.

By Sally Reid Learn more

Signiant is Pleased to Count Game Developer Ubisoft as a File Transfer Solution Customer

“Meeting time-to-market targets is a huge factor in our industry, as well as ensuring the security of our intellectual property. We are confident in relying on Signiant to safeguard electronic delivery of our assets. Being compatible with Windows and Linux platforms is a huge plus for our heterogeneous environment.”

By Signiant Learn more