Why Signiant is Attracting Great Talent Like Cory Bialowas

The outside of the Signiant office at 11 Hines Rd Ottawa Ontario.

Like today’s video file sizes, Signiant is growing.

As a leader in developing SaaS accelerated file transfer solutions for media brands and other businesses that need to transfer big files, Signiant is attracting great talent. One of the newest members of “The Big Sig” team is Cory Bialowas, taking the helm as Signiant’s Senior Vice President of Product Management in Ottawa, Canada.

Cory brings two decades of experience working for technology companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100s. He’s guided product development teams at NetFore Systems, Wind River (an Intel Company) and IBM, and is excited to now be at Signiant.

In Cory’s words:

“One of the things that enticed me to come to Signiant is the company’s commitment to pioneering products in the SaaS, cloud services and cloud storage space.

“The product managers and developers here are very smart, forward thinking and genuinely fun to work with.”


Cory, Mike, Drewan

Left to Right: Mike Nash (Director of Product Management), Drewan Nicholson (Product Design Lead) and Cory Bialowas in the Signiant Ottawa office.

“And I’m particularly excited that I got to step in right as Media Shuttle’s cloud object storage deployment option came to market. Being able to provide a very easy, secure and fast way for people to transfer big files is a much-needed service.

“Now, by allowing customers to utilize cloud storage like S3 or Azure, we are really taking that service to the next level. There are just so many possibilities with it.”


Left to Right: Mike Nash, Mike Potter (Senior Product Manager) and Cory Bialowas reviewing product plans.

Left to Right: Mike Nash, Mike Potter (Senior Product Manager) and Cory Bialowas reviewing product plans.

Life outside of Signiant

Cory also has an interesting life outside of Signiant. He coaches two girls sports teams in Ottawa, ringette and soccer, helping to teach teamwork, fitness and instill confidence. (For my fellow non-Canadians out there, ringette is mostly played by women and girls and resembles ice hockey, sans the bashing of bodies and heads. They use straight sticks and a rubber ring instead of a puck, with no intentional body contact.) On top of that, Cory volunteers as a member of the Ottawa Refugee Assistance Group, aiding refugee families resettling from war torn areas such as Eritrea and Syria with furniture, clothing and technology needs.

I think it goes without saying that we are excited to have him on our team too.


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