Workflow Producer and Director from Sim International discuss Media Shuttle at NAB 2018

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Ok, we love these people.

A big thank you to Stacy Chaet and Jesse Korosi, Workflow Producer and Director of Workflow at Sim, for saying such nice things about Signiant during this interview with postPerspective at NAB 2018. And thanks to Dayna McCallum and team at postPerspective for their always insightful coverage of our industry.

I’ve posted this video so that it starts about four minutes in with the discussion of Signiant (including Media Shuttle‘s auto-translation feature), but it’s worth watching the entire video to hear Jesse and Stacy’s other takeaways from NAB.

A few things discussed in the first four minutes: In the AI and machine learning space, Jesse mentions his appreciation for GreyMeta and its integration with Adobe Premier. And I especially appreciated Stacy’s comments on #GALSNGEAR.

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