Ensure Content is in the Right Format Before It Gets Sent


Manage File Delivery Specifications and Asset Validation in the Cloud

Available for use with Signiant’s Media Shuttle™, the CloudSpeX application dramatically lowers rejection rates associated with the receipt of improperly formatted files, and helps to manage the volume and complexity of today’s multiplatform delivery specifications.

Unlike other solutions that validate format compliance after the file transfer, CloudSpeX ensures that your delivery specification is enforced prior to delivery to save significant time and resources.

Patent-Pending Cloud Technology

The patent-pending technology in CloudSpeX matches file types and metadata against a cloud-based directory of published specifications to ensure that digital assets comply with customer- or industry-defined delivery format requirements. This approach provides a uniform mechanism for automatically checking files against a chosen specification across the entire content ecosystem.

By registering their own customized delivery specification or referencing an industry standard, such as AMWA or DPP, media enterprises can use the cloud to greatly decrease errors that can impede time to air and drive up resource costs.


Save Time and Money

Results of a recent survey show that file format rejection rates are rapidly approaching 25% in many broadcast workflows.

Respondents also reported that the process of identifying files that do not comply, providing feedback to the sender, and tracking a new delivery can frequently consume up to a half day of staff time.

And, pushing files past “late delivery” thresholds further increases the manual processing required to speed the corrected file straight to playout.

Here’s how CloudSpeX can help
  • Works seamlessly with Media Shuttle
  • Uniformly checks files for proper delivery format prior to transfer
  • Validates both file type and file metadata against any customer-defined specification; eliminates the need to re-key or locate metadata in a file
  • Instantly notifies users if files comply, providing easy to understand validation details
  • Reduces labor and bandwidth costs associated with handling non-compliant files
  • Cloud-based delivery specifications can be accessed from anywhere, with immediate on-demand scaling for peak workloads.

Administrator Interface

Media Shuttle CloudSpeX Administrator Interface

CloudSpex is available for use with Signiant Media Shuttle™.

Using the Delivery Specification tools in Media Shuttle, portal administrators can easily enable/disable the CloudSpeX application for file format validation, and select from a list predefined specifications. Users will see the defined specification for the file transfer portal they are using – or can request a new specification from Signiant.
CloudSpeX Administrator Interface Image

User Interface

Media Shuttle CloudSpeX User Interface

CloudSpex is available for use with Signiant Media Shuttle™.

Media Shuttle users are informed in clear, simple terms if they attempt to upload and send a file that does not meet the specification.
CloudSpeX User Interface

How It Works

How CloudSpeX Technology Works

Signiant administrators associate a delivery specification template with a Media Shuttle file transfer portal. When processing a file delivery, CloudSpeX creates a “metadata fingerprint” of the file delivery and sends it to the cloud for validation against the delivery specification without moving the entire file.

CloudSpeX checks the fingerprint and payload of each file against criteria contained in a specification before it is sent. Validation checks for customer-defined criteria might include a combination of:

  • External attributes of the file including the file type (e.g. .mov, .avi, .mxf etc.) and number of files.
  • Presence of certain metadata attributes (e.g. aspect ratio, video coding scheme).

CloudSpeX provides senders with easy to understand information if specifications are not met. Because CloudSpeX is delivered via the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere, with immediate on-demand scaling for peak workloads.
How CloudSpeX Technology Works Image

Predefined Specs

Predefined Specifications Available

Signiant provides a number of industry-defined file format delivery specifications as part of the cloud directory. Customers may also request the publication of custom specifications in the cloud.

Contact Signiant for details.

  • Any number of DMG files
  • Any number of PDF files
  • Any number of video, graphics or audio files
  • Basic film package
  • BBC English Regions/Local TV/News – 4 ch. audio SD
  • BBC English Regions/Local TV/News – 8 ch. audio, SD
  • BBC Radio Production – Audio files only
  • Digital cinema package
  • DMC Audio – Any number of WAV files
  • DDMC Subtitles – Any number of STL or PAC files
  • DNxHD 120, OP1a MXF, 8 audio channels
  • DVCPro100 108i50, OP-1a MXF, 4 audio tracks
  • H.262/MPEG-2 Part 2, MGP (DVB HD)
  • H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1080p MP4
  • MOV with sidecar XML
  • MPG with low res proxy
  • MXF- single file (UK DPP HD)
  • MXF- single file (UK DPP SD)
  • MXF with sidecar XML
  • MXF with sidecar XML (UK DPP HD)
  • MXF with sidecar XML (UK DPP SD)
  • Panasonic PAC M1 Single Audio
  • Panasonic PAC M4 Multi Audio 4
  • Panasonic PAC Z4 Multi Audio 6
  • ProRes 422 HD, 1080p MOV

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