Signiant vs.
IBM Aspera

IBM acquired Aspera 10+ years ago and let’s face it, this isn’t IBMs top priority. Customers switch to Signiant for our best-of-breed products, continued innovation, unrivaled customer support and preferred pricing. If you’re still using Aspera, it’s time to switch.

4 Reasons to Switch to Signiant

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No-Surprise Pricing

You get unlimited transfers, no file-size limits, and no silly bandwidth restrictions. Contact Sales for pricing

Ease of Use

Signiant software is designed to be easy to deploy, operate and use by all who come in contact. Get a Platform demo

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Superior Support

Our world-class customer support is included with every SaaS subscription.

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Storage Independence

Wherever your assets are stored, on-prem or in the cloud, your content always remains 100% in your control.

Connected Businesses

Global Users

Countries and Territories

PB Data Transferred per Month

Why Signiant is the Superior Choice for Large File Transfers

Signiant is focused on this industry and making working with media more efficient. That is what we do.

Our simple, yet powerful product portfolio – all built on an integrated SaaS platform – can solve any file transfer use case as well as challenges that extend beyond file movement. We continue to innovate and are passionate about this industry and our customers. Customers choose Signiant because of our market-leading products, our unrivaled customer support, quick time-to-value and the lowest total cost of ownership. It’s no wonder more than 50,000 businesses trust the Signiant Platform to move their valuable content around the world.

Signiant vs IBM Aspera



Signiant subscription plans provide simple, no-surprises pricing — and we never charge for bandwidth. We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with and working with companies of all sizes to meet their business needs. When you connect Signiant to on-prem storage, you get unlimited transfers, no file-size limits and no silly bandwidth restrictions. When using cloud storage, every Signiant subscription includes a healthy allowance of cloud payload.

Contact Sales for Pricing

IBM Aspera

Aspera has a very complex product portfolio that many customers find frustrating to understand and it makes pricing overly complicated. Many Aspera products include a bandwidth tax which means they limit the amount of bandwidth you can use unless you pay more. With IBM Aspera on Cloud, you pay a per GB transfer fee even when using your own storage. That adds up quickly. In nearly every case, Signiant pricing is far more predictable and more cost effective.

Deployment, Operations and Use


Signiant software is designed to be easy to deploy, operate and use by all who come in contact. We recognize the need for separate user experiences for IT, operations and creative end users. Our software caters specifically to each of those roles. As a true SaaS company, our products can often be up and running the same day, offering quick time-to-value and end users require no training at all to begin sending and sharing files. It is drag-and-drop simple and packed with enterprise power.

IBM Aspera

Aspera products were designed by engineers for engineers. We often hear from the market the frustrations in onboarding new partners and end users who are overwhelmed with an overly complicated user experience.

Customer Service


Signiant’s customer support team sits in the same location as our engineering team so there is a very tight working relationship with the people who build the software and the people who support it. Signiant customer support has earned a Net Promoter Score in the 90+% range in every year it has been measured. Our world-class customer support is included with every SaaS subscription.

IBM Aspera

Let’s just leave it at this – try to get someone on the phone from IBM who can quickly and easily answer questions about Aspera products. Go ahead – we double dog dare you.



We believe you know best how to store your valuable assets, and we’re committed to your storage independence. Wherever your assets are physically stored, on-prem or in the cloud, your content always remains 100% in your control with Signiant. We don’t bundle or resell storage and as an independent company we don’t have an agenda when it comes to storage.

IBM Aspera

Aspera products do work with a variety of on-prem and cloud storage types, but as part of IBM, there is an agenda to push IBM storage and bundle IBM products. For example, Aspera on Cloud works with IBM cloud storage by default and most media companies are not building their cloud operations on IBM Cloud.

Learn More About the Signiant Platform

The Signiant Platform builds on the foundation of our world-class fast file movement apps and adds workflow-centric production services that make working with media even more efficient.

Thank you for your interest in Signiant!

A product specialist will reach out to you shortly.

A Comparison of Key Capabilities

The Signiant Platform

IBM Aspera

Super fast transfers, up to 100X faster than FTP

No file size limits

Person-initiated and automated transfers

Unlimited, custom-branded portals

Search media assets across storage locations

Preview media files

Fully committed to storage independence

Pre-transfer spec validation with CloudSpeX

Bandwidth management
Focus on the media industry
World-class customer support


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fast are Signiant file transfers?

    Speeds can be up to 100X faster than traditional transfer methods but there are many variables in play. Signiant proprietary transport technology will improve nearly any file transfer situation but is most impactful with large datasets, over long distances or congested networks, and, somewhat counter-intuitively, when more bandwidth is available. With many customers, we routinely deliver multi-Gbps transfer speeds. Want to experience Signiant’s speed – Try sending a large file for free.

  • Are Signiant file transfers secure?

    Because our customers use our technology to move their most valuable assets, we take precautions to secure every layer involved in file movement. Our security technology and implementation regularly undergo extensive third-party reviews to ensure effective protection. Signiant utilizes standards-based security technology like Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure data and information as it is transmitted, including advanced authentication, data integrity, and data confidentiality. Thanks to our commitment to enterprise-grade security, Signiant is a preferred solution with Hollywood studios, sports leagues, broadcasters and more. 

  • How reliable are Signiant file transfers?

    Signiant never alters or compresses the files, delivering all files with byte-for-byte accuracy. Signiant includes checkpoint restart to automatically resume any interrupted transfers from the point of failure delivering lights-out reliability even on poor internet connections. 

  • Is support included?

    Every Signiant subscription includes our world-class customer support. Our support team works in the same location as the engineers who build the products, so they have direct contact with the teams if issues arise. Our awesome customer support is a key reason our customers renew and stay with us for years. 

  • Does Signiant do more than file transfers?

    Signiant is well known as the market leader in accelerated file transfers. After all, our software is used by thousands of companies to move petabytes of high-value content every single day. Further, when you purchase a subscription to any of our file transfer products, you join the Signiant Platform. That platform includes additional media management capabilities including multimedia search, preview of media assets and other actions such as transferring just a selected clip of a larger file. 

  • Can we try Signiant before we buy?

    Absolutely. We often do POCs with our customers before they buy so that your team can experience Signiant’s software in your environment with your datasets. Customers who do POCs often buy right away so let’s set up a quick call to get you started. 


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