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TVBEurope | MTV Rocks Files with Signiant

December 6, 2012

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This year’s EMA awards on MTV were held in Frankfurt, but the broadcaster needed the content at its London headquarters for playout and for repurposing for online and mobile. The solution was to use Signiant file transfer software for secure and accelerated delivery of show highlights.

The broadcast mixed packaged content developed by MTV in London with live footage from the show taking place more than 600km away. The challenge of moving multi-gigabyte files back and forth was compounded by the need for speed to get the news online as quickly as possible.

The Signiant Managers+Agents software delivered the content, such as performances and acceptance speeches, from Frankfurt to London at “superfast speeds”, according to the company. It was also used to exchange content between Europe and New York as part of MTV’s worldwide delivery requirements.

“When video has to be there, and it has to be sent fast, Signiant is the solution that more broadcasters trust,” said David Nortier, EMEA general manager for Signiant. “The reliability of our products takes away some of the worry associated with getting large files quickly from one location to another. It provides a powerful solution for media organisations like MTV seeking more sophisticated workflow automation, security and control of their global media delivery processes.”

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