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Australian Telecom Company AAPT Selects Signiant for New End-to-End Media Connect Service

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (June 18, 2012) – Signiant, the market leader in intelligent file movement software for the media and entertainment industry, today announced that its software technology is being used by Australian telecommunications infrastructure company AAPT to enable Media Connect, a new service that will provide Australian broadcast and media companies with a secure end-to-end solution for receiving, storing and transferring large media files.

Media Connect is designed to give broadcasters and the media community a powerful gateway that facilitates rapid, cost-effective content distribution across Australia as well as to and from major media hubs worldwide.

“This partnership builds on our existing agreements with international alliances, enabling users of the AAPT Media Connect service powered by Signiant to exchange content with partners and other creative agencies in major international centers including London and Los Angeles,” said David Yuile, CEO at AAPT.

“Media Connect enables AAPT customers to link up with tens of thousands of media professionals across the globe who use our software to accelerate, automate and secure file deliveries,” said Rick Cramer, Senior Vice President of Global Operations for Signiant. “This partnership is testament to the flexibility, ease-of-use, breadth of capabilities and global reach that Signiant solutions provide.”

AAPT Media Connect uses a hosted Signiant service, allowing private and public content exchange or a combination of both. The network will provide flexible models to the market, applicable to all levels and sizes of the media community, with low barriers to entry. A major broadcaster, for example, using a tapeless, end-to-end workflow for internal production processes would be able to use AAPT Media Connect as the gateway for the delivery of material, via a DMZ covering both domestic and international distribution and acquisition.

“The benefits of AAPT Media Connect to the end customer include increased speed, reliability and security of delivery,” Mr. Yuile said. “When we combine AAPT’s platform with Signiant’s ability to manage delivery receipts, and scheduling of content delivery, we have a product perfect for a constantly changing global media landscape.”

About AAPT
AAPT is one of Australia’s leading telecommunications infrastructure companies, offering data, cloud and Internet services for business, government and wholesale customers, via its extensive national network. AAPT is 100% owned by Telecom New Zealand (TEL). AAPT is one of only three Australian telecommunications companies to own and operate a national voice and data network and it has one of Australia’s most extensive and highest-quality IP networks. AAPT is a business telecommunications infrastructure company that strives to deliver extreme performance across every level of the organization. Its dedicated focus is on creating partnerships with its business customers unmatched by its competitors.

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