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Roundabout Entertainment Chooses Signiant Media Exchange for Seamless, Secure File Transfers With Any-Sized Business Partner

By Adding MX to Repertoire of Signiant Solutions, Leading Post House Opens Door to All Vendors and Clients Without Requiring Them to Install Software


BURLINGTON, MA  (October, 31, 2011) — Signiant, a global leader in intelligent file movement software for the media and entertainment industry, today announced that post-production leader Roundabout Entertainment, Inc. has chosen Signiant’s Media Exchange (MX) solution for fast, efficient, and secure delivery of media files to its end-user clients, as well as content exchanges with key vendors and content providers. As a longtime user of Signiant’s enterprise-scale content management solutions for exchanging files with three of its large studio clients, Roundabout adopted MX as a means of making the cutting-edge technology available to all of its business partners.

Roundabout specializes in facility-based post services centered on repurposing television and cinema content for multiple audiences and global markets, and then distributing it out to networks, playout facilities, and other end users. Previously, the post house had relied on physical shipment of videotape to exchange content with its service providers and deliver the end product to clients — a process that was subject to potential schedule-breaking delays, especially for overseas shipments in which tapes could become hung up indefinitely in customs. Signiant MX uses an exclusive IP-based acceleration protocol that enables business partners to connect and exchange the content over a wide area network (WAN), with enterprise-class security and tools for maximizing available bandwidth.

“All of the major studios have a Signiant agent now, and it’s becoming a pre-requisite in the industry for post houses to have the larger Signiant solution in order to connect with them and receive their media files. With MX, we can extend the technology to our smaller broadcasting clients and vendors without requiring them to purchase and install software on their end,” said Craig Clark, CEO, Roundabout Entertainment, Inc. “All of our business partners can now seamlessly connect with our facility and with the same highly managed security as the agent-based Signiant system. They can access the content and start working on it almost immediately, as opposed to waiting for tape shipments to arrive.”

Although Roundabout regularly uses MX for the rapid transfer of large files in high-bandwidth point-to-point connection, the system is also ideal for efficient transfers in lower-bandwidth situations. For instance, Roundabout might send a series of QuickTime® reference files to a dubbing vendor in Brazil for creation of a secondary audio track in Portuguese. Since a complete, large master is not required for dubbing, the vendor is able to receive the files it needs rapidly over a lower-bandwidth connection. In another example, Roundabout might use Signiant to deliver an entire season of a television series to a smaller broadcaster with a slower download speed, enabling the broadcaster to begin airing series episodes as they are received while the download process is still running. Signiant MX has the unique capability to automatically resume a download at the point at which it was stopped following a network error, rather than having to start the download from the beginning.

“By adding MX to our Signiant repertoire, we’ve covered the waterfront for any clients or partners that need to have their content delivered electronically. From a business perspective, Signiant is boosting our market reputation in the post industry by giving us the flexibility to meet the requirements of any size business partner,” said Clark. “Signiant is a huge selling point for our business.”

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About Roundabout Entertainment Inc.
As one of today’s foremost independent post production facilities, Roundabout Entertainment, Inc. is dedicated to supplying HD and SD video and audio post production services. Roundabout is equipped with the latest technology to deal with almost any post production requirements. We provide our clients with: editing, dubbing, re-recording mixing, audio restoration, Time Tailoring, commercial integration, LKFS compliant audio, closed captioning, syndication services, digital content creation, encoding, and transcoding, and deliver of HD & SD content anywhere in the world. For more information, visit

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