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Signiant Celebrates Another Record Year in 2019

Jan 23, 2020

Surpasses 25,000 Companies Connected to its SDCX SaaS Platform

LEXINGTON, MA – January 23, 2020 – Signiant Inc today announced another record year in 2019 with impressive double-digit growth for both its SaaS offerings and its licensed software product, Manager+Agents. Signiant’s massive footprint now includes more than 25,000 businesses across every part of the media supply chain. With a customer list that includes many of the world’s best-known entertainment brands, as well as thousands of small and mid-sized media businesses, the award-winning company is uniquely positioned to connect the global media industry via its innovative SDCX (Software Defined Content Exchange) SaaS platform. Another banner year in 2019 reinforces Signiant’s position as one of the fastest growing companies in media technology.

Signiant’s growth was accelerated in 2019 with the introduction of its newest SaaS product, Signiant Jet, the final building block in the company’s foundational suite of intelligent file movement solutions. Jet offers powerfully simple system-to-system file transfer capabilities to businesses of any size. Even the smallest companies can now take advantage of Signiant’s advanced technology to automate file-based workflows between locations, and they can easily exchange content with the large media companies in their ecosystem. Large enterprises can securely peer with one another and with their entire supply chains. 

The Signiant SDCX SaaS platform now addresses any use case within or between companies, across any hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment: Jet handles system-to-system file movement, Media Shuttle is for person-initiated transfers, and Signiant Flight moves data to and from the cloud. With a huge installed base and the complete platform foundation now in place, the company’s strategic roadmap calls for increasing investment in adjacent functionality. 

“It’s exciting to celebrate another record year and equally exciting to continue our product evolution,” said Margaret Craig, CEO, Signiant. “With the platform now connected to thousands of on-premises and cloud storage endpoints, customers are asking for additional capabilities that add value beyond file transfer. Thanks to our increased scale and strong financial position, we’re rapidly growing our Ottawa-based engineering team as well as exploring targeted acquisitions to expand our platform’s capabilities.”

As media companies extend their reach and embrace new consumer delivery channels, distributed content storage has become the norm ⎯ putting Signiant in the increasingly pivotal role of providing unified access to valuable media assets anywhere in the world, whether they are in the cloud or in an on-premises data center. “The evolution of the industry, combined with our early leadership in the use of cloud technology in media, has paved the way for Signiant to be thought of more strategically by the market. Many of the world’s largest media companies are bringing Signiant to the table as a strategic partner as they look to make cloud and SaaS solutions work for their businesses,” added Craig.

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