The fastest and easiest way to automate system-to-system file transfers

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The easiest way to automate system-to-system transfers

Signiant Jet is a new SaaS solution for moving large data sets between locations around the globe. Jet’s unprecedented speed and intuitive web interface make the process of automating file transfers simple to set up, manage and monitor. If your company has multiple locations or if you regularly exchange large data sets with partners, customers and suppliers, Jet will dramatically accelerate and simplify your operations.

Signiant’s fastest transport yet

Jet is a software-only solution that is based on Signiant’s most advanced transport technology. Capable of multi-Gbps transfer speeds, Jet employs a new intelligent transport mechanism to optimize performance. You’ll be especially amazed with Jet’s speed if you have recurring, time-critical transfers that involve large files moving over long distances.

Easily Exchange Data with Partners

Jet is not only useful for internal company transfers across locations, but also makes it easy to collaborate with partners, suppliers and customers. Companies that regularly exchange large data sets with other companies will benefit from Jet’s simple, secure handshake mechanism where two parties can agree to send and receive files from one another.

For every sized company

Jet’s SaaS implementation simplifies deployment and ongoing management, allowing media companies of all sizes access to advanced transport technology and network optimization at a scale appropriate for their business.

Always Reliable

Jet transfers include Checkpoint Restart. Any transfers that are interrupted are automatically restarted from the point of failure, resulting in greater efficiencies especially with large data sets. Jet alerts you of any anomalies, and you can access real-time transfer activity from Jet’s visual web interface.

Storage Independence

With Jet’s patented architecture, you’ll get all the benefits of a cloud-native SaaS solution while maintaining complete control over valuable media assets in your own storage. Jet works with on-premises file storage from any vendor.

Trusted Security

Building on the core Transport Layer Security (TLS) in the Signiant transfer protocol, Jet adheres to the information assurance principle of defense-in-depth, incorporating multiple layers of security controls. Trusted across the Media & Entertainment industry and beyond, Signiant was awarded the DPP ‘Committed to Security’ mark in 2018.

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