The fastest and easiest way to automate system-to-system file transfers

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Companies with multiple locations

One of the most common use cases for Jet is when companies with multiple national and global locations need to automate the movement or synching of data between those locations. Jet is most beneficial for recurring, time-critical transfers that involve large files moving over long distances.


Companies that work regularly with partners

Signiant has long served as the trusted intercompany broker for secure exchange of media assets throughout the global supply chain. Jet builds on this legacy by providing a simple next-generation mechanism for companies to exchange data with one another through a secure mechanism, all managed from Jet’s web interface.

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Jet is designed to interoperate with Media Shuttle, the widely-deployed Signiant SaaS offering that enables people to send and share large files. Media Shuttle can easily be configured to operate as a Jet endpoint. Similarly, Jet endpoints have the ability to operate as Media Shuttle servers. Signiant Media Shuttle and Jet can be deployed on a single server for cost and space efficiencies.

Once Jet is deployed, a Media Shuttle subscription will allow your employees, freelancers and any approved person access to the storage connected to a Jet endpoint.

Yusari Filem: Delivering DCPs Across Malaysia with Signiant Jet

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