• You can search and preview assets across all your Media Shuttle Portals

    Already a Media Shuttle customer? You can search and preview assets across all your Media Shuttle portals
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  • The Signiant Platform can revoke a transfer

    Easily revoke a transfer if you inadvertently sent the wrong file or sent it to the wrong person.
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  • A Flight Deck dashboard.

    Signiant Flight Deck

    Flight Deck unites the feature-rich functionality of Manager+Agents and the powerful cloud I/O capabilities of Signiant Flight — which together form the core transport backbone for most of the world’s largest media companies.
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  • Blurred out web pages with blue overall background

    Signiant Media Shuttle

    Media Shuttle is the fastest ‘hands on’ way to transfer large digital assets. In this data sheet, you’ll learn about Media Shuttle’s key benefits and features, as well as its system requirements and unique hybrid SaaS architecture.
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  • Signiant Jet

    Signiant Jet is a new SaaS offering for small to mid-sized businesses that makes it easy to automate system-to-system file transfers. This data sheet provides an overview of Jet’s features and capabilities, as well as a system architecture diagram detailing how Jet works to transfer files between internal and external locations.
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