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Media Shuttle Data Sheet

Need an easy way to send large files reliably, securely, and fast?

Media Shuttle is the perfect solution for all your “hands-on” accelerated file transfer needs:

  • Sending files between people
  • Submitting files from people to a process on-ramp
  • Sharing files across distributed teams

In this data sheet, you’ll learn how Media Shuttle’s key benefits and innovative features combine to add speed, simplicity and control to all your file-based workflows, over any distance, and for any size file.

Read how Media Shuttle’s unique hybrid SaaS architecture lowers infrastructure costs, automates upgrades, and adds on-demand scaling, global availability and support for both on-premises and cloud object storage.

Don’t let anything slow you down!

“When the right tools are available, users won’t gravitate to rogue file-sharing services that put valuable data at risk.”


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