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Signiant Jet

Powerfully simple unattended content exchange, within and between companies

Signiant Jet is a SaaS solution for high-speed transfers of large data sets between locations around the globe. For companies with multiple locations or that regularly exchange large data sets with partners, customers and suppliers, Jet’s unprecedented speed and intuitive visual interface make the process of automating and monitoring file transfers simple, fast and cost effective.

Key Benefits of Jet

  • Speed: Capable of multi-Gbps transfer speeds, Jet employs a new intelligent, self-learning transport mechanism that optimizes recurring, time-critical transfers.
  • Ease: Within Jet’s intuitive visual interface (Figure 1), administrators can easily configure and monitor transfers and notifications. You can be up and running in a day.
  • No Limits: Jet can handle any size of file quickly, and never imposes limits on the amount of data transferred or bandwidth usage.
  • Security: Following defense-in-depth design principles, Jet incorporates multiple layers of security controls. Signiant is a recognized security leader across the M&E industry, earning the DPP ‘Committed to Security’ mark.
  • Inter-company Transfers: Companies that regularly exchange data with other companies will benefit from Jet’s simple, secure handshake mechanism where two parties can agree to send and receive files from one another.
  • Enterprise-grade Features: Jet is compatible with network architectures that include proxies and outbound only firewalls. Advanced search and bandwidth management capabilities make it easier to oversee high loads of job activity.
  • Simple Pricing for Every Size of Company: Jet’s SaaS implementation scales to the needs and budget of every company. Jet’s simple pricing model is based on the number of connectors needed to establish routes between locations. Payload charges for cloud transfers are simple and easy to calculate as they are based on data moved.
Figure 1: Intuitive Visual Interface

Features & Capabilities

  • Fastest Transport Yet: Jet’s speed is unmatched by any other file transfer solution on the market. 
  • Checkpoint Restart: Any transfers that are interrupted are automatically restarted from the point of failure, which is critical for large files. 
  • Monitoring and Alerts: Jet allows you to easily monitor all transfer activity and alerts you to any errors. 
  • Storage Independence: Jet allows you to maintain complete control over valuable media assets in your own storage. Jet works with on-premises file storage from any vendor, and supports transfers to or from major cloud storage providers. Jet also supports transfers to and from Wasabi storage which has no egress or API charges.
  • Scalable & Reliable: The Jet service is built on Signiant’s multi-tenant, auto-scaling, load-balanced cloud deployment, managed 24/7 by the company’s professional Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team.
  • Media Shuttle Companion: Jet is designed to interoperate with Media Shuttle, the widely-deployed Signiant SaaS offering.
  • Cloud to Cloud: Jet supports transfers between AWS S3 buckets for both internal and inter-company transfers.
  • Media Engine Functionality: Jet allows users to leverage the modern media management capabilities of the Signiant platform
Figure 2: Jet’s SDCX SaaS Architecture with On-premises and Cloud Storage Locations

System Architecture 

Jet’s patented system architecture (Figure 2) provides all the benefits of multi-tenant, cloud-native SaaS while allowing complete control over valuable media assets in your own on-premises file system or cloud object storage. The cloud-based control plane layer of the Jet system is responsible for orchestrating the transfer of files between systems, brokering intercompany connections, and sending notifications. It also provides Jet’s intuitive web interface, enabling all transfers to be easily and securely managed from anywhere in the world on any device. There’s no need for you to deploy and manage web servers.

How Jet Works

  • Endpoints: Each source and destination endpoint is established by connecting Signiant SDCX Server software to a storage location. When transferring content between on-premises and cloud storage locations, SDCX Servers are located at each endpoint, on the customer’s network and in the cloud.
  • Control Plane: Endpoints communicate with Signiant’s SaaS cloud-native control plane layer, which manages file transfer logistics, serves the web interface, sends notifications, and allows for easy monitoring of all transfer activity.
  • Data Plane: The data plane enables the fast, seamless and secure access to media assets that move directly between endpoints located on different networks.
  • Routes: Routes are established by explicitly enabling any two endpoints to securely exchange files in either direction. Each route requires a distinct connector at each end, but an endpoint can have any number of connectors.
  • Jobs: Specific tasks are accomplished over individual routes by creating jobs. This involves setting simple rules about which files to move and when to move them. Jobs can be triggered by hot folder, on a schedule or manually, from Jet’s web interface or via the Jet API. 

Jet’s architecture allows you to maintain complete control over high-value content between internal or external locations, while simultaneously deriving the classic SaaS benefits of automatic updates, scalability, and global availability.

You can see Jet’s system requirements in the Signiant Help Center.

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