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Easy, fast, automated backups of your team’s work-in-progress

Is your company backing up all work-in-progress nightly?

In a recent survey hosted by postPerspective, several companies in the post-production community were asked about their backup systems. Despite the high value of the work they do and the associated risk, most reported they don’t have appropriate tools and processes in place to protect their work-in-progress (WIP) and only a small number are using cloud storage. Historically, automated backup systems have been too expensive and complex for many companies but that’s no longer the case — so, why aren’t more backing up their important work to prevent disaster?

Jet + AWS, the Perfect Pair

  • Signiant Jet and AWS S3 together make it incredibly easy and cost-effective to back up your WIP to the cloud
  • While it may be impractical to use cloud storage for every operation, AWS offers easy, elastic storage in the cloud that is perfect for nightly back ups
  • AWS offers multiple tiers of storage to help manage costs and includes policy controls so you can easily and automatically expire old WIP or move older content to lower cost tiers of storage such as Glacier
  • Jet works seamlessly with your on-prem storage and AWS making it simple to automate backups to your S3 buckets
  • Easily control the timing and frequency of backups to keep your network clear during business hours

“Once lost a project due to Raid (storage) failure…lost two weeks of work time.”

Signiant Jet

The easiest, fastest way to automate file transfers between your storage locations, your partners, and
the cloud.

Why Jet?

  • Move, transfer, or upload files of any size or folders with millions of files
  • Signiant’s fastest transport (capable of multiple Gbps speeds)
  • Checkpoint Restart offers rock-solid reliability
  • Stay informed with an intuitive visual dashboard, live reporting and alerts
  • Supports scheduled jobs, hot folders and ‘send it now’
  • Enterprise-grade security
Why Jet - four steps

Simple, Predictable Pricing

  • Jet is sold on a simple, annual subscription basis
  • Signiant connects to your storage so files always remain under your control
  • Our award-winning customer support team is with you every step of the way

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