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Data Sheets

Easy, fast, automated backups of your team’s work-in-progress

Historically, automated backup systems have been too expensive and too complex for many businesses. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case.

Download the data sheet to learn how:

  • Signiant Jet and AWS make it easy and cost-effective to back up your WIP to the cloud
  • Jet connects easily to any on-prem storage and to your S3 buckets so assets always remain under your control
  • AWS S3 policy controls let you automatically clean up old WIP 
  • Jet puts you in control to schedule backup jobs so you can keep your network clear during the work day

“Once lost a project due to Raid (storage) failure…lost two weeks of work time.”

We appreciate your interest in Signiant! Please click on the button below to access the Data Sheet.